The offices of the future are transformative, inspiring, and green


The exceptional year 2020 has led many companies to think about their premises and their importance in a new way. Remote working and working hours spent at home have certainly made employees value common workspaces differently than before. But what are the things highlighted in the offices of the future? Our partner, co-founder of the design agency Scope Design, Eeva Mankinen, enlightened us with her visions about the business premises of the future.

Choosing the right plants for a greenwall really matters


Real plants or silk plants? Safe and familiar or something rare and surprising? One of InnoGreen’s founders and partner Mikko Sonninen explains how plants are chosen for the green wall to make it showy.

We are continuously developing the modular green wall


The original modular green wall of ours came to be in the year 2010. The story of our green wall began when one of our founders and partner Mikko Sonninen visioned that everyone should be able to enjoy a rainforest like lushness and greenery every single day. The demo used to introduce the modular green wall won at the Summer of Start Ups competition in 2010. After that Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula teamed up with Mikko to further develop the green wall. With investors, the trio was able to create a product that is both functional and ecological. Behind all the tough work was the deep passion to bring people back closer to nature. 

We have preserved over 1 000 000 m2 of tropical forests


World Land Trust (WLT) is an international nature conservation organization that aims to preserve the most biologically significant and endangered habitats around the world. As a partner of WLT, we have taken part in the preservation of the Colombian Chocó rainforest, the cloud forests in the Andies and the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

The mesmerizing trees at Oodi library


The central library of Helsinki, Oodi has received plenty of international media attention. Beautiful, natural architecture and design make Oodi a remarkable place. When we were included in the making of the green decor at Oodi, we knew that this was something very special.

Comfortable environment increases sales


People are happy to run errands in a comfortable space, even if it’s just a quick stop. An enjoyable shop, office or restaurant is an important part of the shopping experience. A well-managed space creates positive feelings and meaningful and memorable experiences that factor into creating lasting customer relations.

190 square metres of verdancy – a huge green wall ensemble in kaari shopping centre


Four new, big green walls were built in Kaari shopping centre in Helsinki, while the shopping centre was renovated. Altogether there are over 7500 plants and almost 190 square metres of greenery.

The Spanish joy of life is blooming at Bar Cón in Kamppi


We are delighted to have received the chance to create the green decor for Bar Cón in the new Kortteli restaurant area in the Kamppi shopping centre. Bar Cón is a lively and authentic Spanish tapas bar, which “floats” on a raft above the shopping centre.

Plant terrarium – a piece of rainforest


For plant enthusiasts like us, a pot in the corner of the office simply isn’t enough. We wanted to bring a touch of exoticism and rainforest diversity to the chilly Nordic environment. Thus the plant terrarium was born. It brings a piece of the mystic of the Amazon into every interior in a convenient package.

A nature-inspired space – case Porkkalankatu


The lobby of an office building in Porkkalankatu, Helsinki, needed a facelift. Hundreds of people pass through the space daily and the slightly drooping plants weren’t exactly improving the busy mood.

Feel the jungle – case HopLop Vantaa


In HopLop, a sporty indoors playground for families, green decor has to be sustainable, movable and it needs volume. In this long-term partnership we plan the ensemble together - palm trees, ceiling panels and silk plant panels. There can be plenty of greenery, but the plants must not be an obstacle to play. The goal is to create the feeling of a jungle indoors. HopLop Vantaa was renewed this autumn and we also wanted to consider adults and the joy of doing things together in the design.

Employee experience matters


You must have heard about the customer experience, but are you familiar with the employee experience?

How business premesis affect job satisfaction


It is easy to forget how many things affect an employee’s productivity and job satisfaction. Wages are an obvious factor, but there are a lot of other things too; for example, the physical working environment and how tidy it is, the temperature changes in the office, and the attitude of the management and other employees.

Management should take an interest in employee job satisfaction


Job satisfaction is a hot topic of conversation - excessive sitting costs the government millions, and young people aren’t in good shape. Many people feel unwell at work. Fear and anxiety drive companies towards hard budget cuts. The first ones to suffer are employees.

Know this when buying your first green wall


Eye-catching green walls are built in Finland and elsewhere in Europe in an increasing number of public places and private residences. Green walls surprise and delight people using the space time after time. In small places, it’s possible to enjoy greenery without wasting floor space. But what does one have to take into account before installing a green wall?

Better acoustics naturally – case Helsinki Hall of Culture


The designing of the big conference rooms in the Helsinki Hall of Culture, designed by Alvar Aalto, was began with a clear need: the big spaces were in need of better acoustics and a new look. Aalto himself was passionate about nature and plants. Moss, which is natural and easy to maintain, was chosen to improve the acoustics.

A unique green tower in the Sello shopping centre


The Sello shopping centre in Espoo attracts thousands of visitors daily. The shopping centre has turned into more of a meeting place rather than just a concentration of shops. People come to spend time and enjoy themselves with friends and family. This makes the cosiness of both the inside and outside spaces more important than it used to be. We have been cooperating with the Sello shopping centre for a long time. This time around, our mutual goal was to create a unique eye-catcher.

Five creative ways to use a green wall


A green wall looks stunning, and studies show that a green wall makes a space more comfortable. Green decoration can also be used as a functional part of the space in different ways. We have gathered five creative and functional ways to use a green wall below.

A green work environment supports well-being and work


Plants have been shown to have enormous physiological and psychological benefits. Green plants, among other things, increase our work efficiency and alertness. They also soothe the mind, make us more relaxed and feel more comfortable. In addition, contact with nature helps us recover from stress and lowers our blood pressure. Green decors have a positive impact on our well-being and work.

Shopping center Kaari – one year green wall anniversary


A year ago shopping center Kaari requested something new and different. We provided four large green walls to Kaari to bring greenery and atmosphere to the shopping centre. The green walls have delighted both customers and employees. 

The positive effects of green decor can even be seen in the company’s profit


Plants increase our work efficiency and our attentiveness, calm our minds, and make us relax and feel more comfortable. Plants provide us with nature’s own medicine to support our wellbeing now and in the long term.