Four new, big green walls were built in Kaari shopping centre in Helsinki, while the shopping centre was renovated. Altogether there are over 7500 plants and almost 190 square metres of greenery.

When Kaari was renovated, they wanted to make the shopping lanes more comfortable and smooth. “The architect had an idea to bring specifically a green wall to Kaari. We were going for comfortable cosiness - and that’s what we got,” says Sanna Kinnunen, director of the shopping centre. Our sales manager Tuomas Huovinen says that the green walls aim at a “wow” effect. “The green walls are a clear message of the renovation being about the customers and cosiness. We dared to create something new and different.”

InnoGreenin kasviseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, KannelmäkiInnoGreenin kasviseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, KannelmäkiInnoGreenin kasviseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, Kannelmäki

The green walls consist of pillar structures and InnoGreen’s 60cm wide plant modules, in which the plants are placed. The plant walls in Kaari feature an automatic, timed watering system.  The plants’ need for maintenance is checked in every two weeks.

The plants were chosen according to the wishes of the customer, but also with the environment in mind

We chose to plant a lot of callas, vines, ferns and moss in the walls. The plants have been placed as a part of the wall in a way that creates as favourable a microclimate as possible for each plant.  Some of the plants are switched about four times a year to include colour. For example, at Christmas time the wall will bloom in red and in spring the shopping centre’s customers will be able to admire daffodils.

InnoGreenin kasviseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, KannelmäkiInnoGreenin kasviseinä, Kauppakeskus Kaari, Kannelmäki

InnoGreenin kasviseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, Kannelmäki
InnoGreen’s green wall, Kaari, Kannelmäki.

“We receive positive feedback weekly. People admire the walls and wonder if the plants are real. The moss walls have also attracted interest,” describes Sanna. “The plant walls are stunning eye-catchers and we are very happy with the end result.”

Thanks to its modular structure, InnoGreen’s plant walls scale to small and big needs alike. How big of a plant wall could fit into your home, yard or work place? Contact us and let’s plan together.