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Companies have the possibility and the responsibility to uphold biodiversity


Companies have benefited greatly from nature and now the time has come for companies to help nature in return. The societal progression that has had the biggest effect on biodiversity has been the increase in consumption . Now is the time to wake up and realise that companies’ actions are greatly needed. Companies have a multitude of possibilities to guard nature values more effectively. Switching to circular economy solutions in manufacturing goods and services, and demanding ecological actions from cooperation partners, to name but a few. The biodiversity catastrophe we are undergoing is possible to tackle but it requires cooperation and genuine contributions. 

Green solutions are derived from thorough research and development work


During 2020 a city oasis was built in Kera, where it was tested how green solutions regenerating urban living work in practice. The examination of the solutions included both scientific research and involving the inhabitants of the city. Eventually, a beautiful green space for urban farming was built and valuable information for the research and development work was provided. But what was actually examined in the city oasis?

Could the green wall filter microplastics from urban runoff?


InnoGreen is currently examining how effectively microplastics can be filtered from urban runoff by directing the runoff water through a green wall. For research purposes a modular green wall was built in Konala, Helsinki. The runoff water from Kehä 1 ring road is directed into the green wall. The study is one of the Speedy Experiments of the Baltic Sea Challenge.

Choosing the right plants for a greenwall really matters


Real plants or silk plants? Safe and familiar or something rare and surprising? One of InnoGreen’s founders and partner Mikko Sonninen explains how plants are chosen for the green wall to make it showy.

The interior of MOW Supernova supports working methods of the future


The  MOW Supernova Collaboration Office in Tampere offers communal, relaxing yet efficient workspaces. MOW’s interior was designed by our partner Mint & More and we were delighted to be involved in the design and implementation of the green interior of the futuristic space.Mint & More’s CEO, Interior Designer Roosa Riski and our greenery designer Suvi Helin took up the challenge of creating a cozy retrofuturistic entity that supports current and future ways of working. The starting points for the design were ecology, durability, experience and memorability.MOW Supernova’s coworking space has been designed to disrupt the image and atmosphere of a traditional office work environment. “To support the impression, we wanted to place a lot of green plants in the space, and also integrate them with custom made furniture solutions. Green plants bring expression, peace and diversity to the space,” says Katariina Heikkilä, Head of Hub & Community at MOW Supernova.“Green plants are an essential part of the comfort and ambience of the premises. From the outset, it was clear that investments were being made in green furnishings in this place. The design of the building is challenging for green plants as there are many windowless spaces. However, we believe that our vision was well implemented and InnoGreen’s expertise was tremendously helpful in the design process, “says Roosa Riski.“There are only a limited number of plants that can survive in little light, and even though the plant walls can be easily illuminated, lighting individual potted plants requires considerably more work. This is where high quality silk plants are favored, so you don’t have to compromise on greenery,” says our designer Suvi Helin. Surprising details In particular, the large plant roof of the Baikonur conference room has attracted attention and collected praise. “It brings serenity to the space and fits in well with its harmonious color scheme. The space has been used not only for meetings and group work, but also for weekly morning yoga,” says Katariina Heikkilä. Combining the plants and the needed technology required both cooperation and expertise. The result is natural, yet spectacular, and a good example of what all green décor can do these days. “I am very pleased with the final result and glad that there is a demand for diverse implementations. Silk plants are easy to play with, not even the ceiling is the limit, “says our designer Suvi Helin.Custom made wood frames partition the workstations while vine plants and hanging plants bring privacy. These carefully selected plants live their own lives growing and sprouting.One of MOW’s prides is its S-shaped sofa, in which a variety of plants have been integrated. When integrating plants, the conditions of the space and the purpose of use must be broadly taken into account. In addition, past experience and effective collaboration with a furniture manufacturer can be of great help in practical implementation.The facilities offer inspiration, and the small details that set MOW Supernova apart from other places have received special praise. Both interior design and green decor offer insights and will continue to fascinate for a long time ahead.

We are continuously developing the modular green wall


The original modular green wall of ours came to be in the year 2010. The story of our green wall began when one of our founders and partner Mikko Sonninen visioned that everyone should be able to enjoy a rainforest like lushness and greenery every single day. The demo used to introduce the modular green wall won at the Summer of Start Ups competition in 2010. After that Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula teamed up with Mikko to further develop the green wall. With investors, the trio was able to create a product that is both functional and ecological. Behind all the tough work was the deep passion to bring people back closer to nature. 

We have preserved over 1 000 000 m2 of tropical forests


World Land Trust (WLT) is an international nature conservation organization that aims to preserve the most biologically significant and endangered habitats around the world. As a partner of WLT, we have taken part in the preservation of the Colombian Chocó rainforest, the cloud forests in the Andies and the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

The mesmerizing trees at Oodi library


The central library of Helsinki, Oodi has received plenty of international media attention. Beautiful, natural architecture and design make Oodi a remarkable place. When we were included in the making of the green decor at Oodi, we knew that this was something very special.