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Parkly x InnoGreen – creating green urban spaces together


Parkly, known for their modular and versatile urban furniture, and InnoGreen, renowned for their green walls and green decor, join forces to create more enjoyable urban spaces. The two have worked together in various experiments previously, and now it’s time to make the collaboration official and bring their joint solutions more easily accessible.

InnoGreen’s green solutions bring comfort and communality to cities while also tackling noise pollution


InnoGreen is developing unique solutions for greener future cities. Urban greenery refers to all the green elements within cities. Through InnoGreen’s innovations, such as the green stop, greenery can be introduced to new locations and built environments, instead of being limited to just parks.

InnoGreen’s stabilized plants and moss panels provide a sustainable alternative to plastic plants


Plastic plants have often been seen as the only possible solution for spaces where living plants cannot thrive due to environmental conditions. InnoGreen, known for its green walls and innovative green decor solutions, decided to discontinue the sale of plastic plants starting from the beginning of 2023 and introduced stabilized plants instead. The stabilization method is already familiar to many through our lush moss walls. Moss enthusiasts have good news, as alongside customized solutions, InnoGreen is now launching striking birch-framed moss and lichen boards.

The beautiful combination of houseplants and Finnish birch – InnoGreen expands the Koivu product family


Beauty and simplicity go hand in hand in the latest additions to InnoGreen’s Koivu product family: striking moss and lichen boards, a handy room divider pot designed to fit on shelves and window sills, and a green wall with a birch frame. The Koivu products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The beautiful, functional, and responsibly-made Koivu products fit many different spaces and styles thanks to their design and colour options. InnoGreen, known for its unique green decor solutions and products, aims to reshape the green industry by introducing more sustainable options for enjoying greenery in urban environments, both indoors and outdoors.

InnoGreen is net positive – Plants and greenery with better sustainability than before


InnoGreen is a net positive company! But what does that actually mean, and is it enough?

Green noise barrier experiment


Noise is a real nuisance in many cities. That’s why InnoGreen is participating in a trial with the City of Helsinki to find new, better, and greener solutions to tackle noise pollution. In the summer of 2023, we are fighting against noise with a green noise barrier at Erottaja Square.

Promoting creativity and well-being at work with green decor


Communications agency Norra Communications moved to a new office space in Tapiola, Espoo. The office was designed from scratch according to Norra Comms’ wishes and needs, with the aim of creating a harmonious space filled with vibrant greenery. InnoGreen provided tailored solutions for bringing green elements into the modern office, enhancing well-being in the workplace.

Service as Greenery – Effortless Refreshment for Urban Environment


InnoGreen’s green stop brings greenery to city centres. The stop can be customized according to preferences, and it can be built anywhere. However, the greatest advantage of a green stop is how effortless it is - we offer the green stop as a service, taking care of its construction, maintenance, and winter storage. Sounds good, doesn’t it?