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Biodiversity as a guideline for product development


Biodiversity refers to the variety and abundance of life that surround us. It includes all forms of life from the soil microbes to animals and plants. Cherishing biodiversity is part of InnoGreen’s strategy and one of the key bases of our product development.

Installation Turns Plans into Reality – Teijo Tiainen’s Career at InnoGreen


Teijo Tiainen has worked in the gardening and landscaping industry for many years. He applied for the job at InnoGreen almost seven years ago after noticing that the company differed from others in the industry.

InnoGreen’s Green Walls as a Service


Green walls are undoubtedly our most popular product, and over the years, the range of our various green walls has expanded. Today, all our green walls are available as a flexible rental service so now is a good time to introduce all our models, from the smallest to the largest!

Open vacancy in plant maintenance


Dream job for the summer? We are currently looking for two people to join our maintenance team for the summer season.

Finnish Koivu Challenges Mass Production


Timeless Koivu products pave the way for a more sustainable green industry! Koivu products, with their design and various size options, fit well into diverse spaces and interior styles. The product family, including pots, room dividers, panels, and green walls, is designed and manufactured in Finland using Finnish birch plywood. They challenge their competitors in mass production: Why make poor choices when you can make better ones?

Creating Green Havens – Anne Ollila’s Career Journey at InnoGreen


If Anne Ollila’s 20-year career at InnoGreen were to be summarized in one sentence, it might sound like this: “From plants in the corner to creating well-being through green havens” Over the course of her long career, Ollila has designed and sold green interiors to hundreds, if not thousands, of locations. Now, she shares insights into how the green industry has evolved over these years and what the future may look like.

Parkly x InnoGreen – creating green urban spaces together


Parkly, known for their modular and versatile urban furniture, and InnoGreen, renowned for their green walls and green decor, join forces to create more enjoyable urban spaces. The two have worked together in various experiments previously, and now it’s time to make the collaboration official and bring their joint solutions more easily accessible.

InnoGreen’s green solutions bring comfort and communality to cities while also tackling noise pollution


InnoGreen is developing unique solutions for greener future cities. Urban greenery refers to all the green elements within cities. Through InnoGreen’s innovations, such as the green stop, greenery can be introduced to new locations and built environments, instead of being limited to just parks.