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In Long Xie’s project, outdoor greenwall mitigates cities’ environmental problems


Our researcher Long Xie was supported by the Nessling Foundation with a grant for his post-doc project. Xie aims to enhance cities’ resilience when facing challenges caused by climate change by an outdoor greenwall. The outdoor greenwall will, for instance, restrain and filter the flow of urban runoff. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and InnoGreen.

The green stop brings greenery and a communal feeling


The green stop is an entirely domestic innovation by InnoGreen. The green stop was born out of a desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity, and where all residents can enjoy the greenery. Located in an urban environment, the green stop offers a touch of nature, a communal feeling, and something nice to do - all wrapped up in one. All parts of the green stop are made of Finnish wood in Finland.

Reducing the carbon footprint of green construction


Reducing greenhouse gases is a sustainable development target that we all are responsible for. Green construction needs to find low-carbon solutions as well, in order to control the negative effects of climate change. In this blog post, you get to know Angelina Arial, the new member of our Research & Development Team, and you will hear her ideas on sustainable construction.

The popularity of green walls continues


Green walls rising high, green columns or even installations are seen in more and more public spaces and offices. The green wall is a spectacular and, when well-maintained, unbeatable eye-catcher. We asked our interior decoration experts what it is about our green walls that delights people and what is currently expected of green walls.

Green Stop advances eco-friendly and communal cities


Green Stop is an all new green solution making cities more comfortable. The wooden structure was designed in cooperation with ROOH Studio. The idea behind Green Stop was to create an eco-friendly green solution bringing liveliness to outdoor spaces in town. We set up Green Stop at Malminkartano in July 2021. Check out the story of Green Stop, from idea to final product!

Nature experience and its impact on us


We humans already have an intuitive understanding of the importance of nature - especially in Finland, where cities are mainly close to nature. On a global scale, Finland is a sparsely populated area, as many of us appreciate reaching nature directly from our own backyard.

A green decor plan saves money and efforts


A carelessly implemented green interior can be surprisingly costly if the plants do not thrive in the space, the pots are not waterproof, there are too many or too few plants in relation to the space, or the green interior does not improve the feel of the space as desired. Just as a house is not built without an architect, no high-quality green interior is created without a professional in greenery. If you want a sustainable and sensibly implemented green interior, it is wise to start with a green design plan.

Express your company’s values through greenery


Green plants and an eye-catching green wall are pleasant to look at and explore. Investing in green interior décor says more about your business than you might have thought. Have you ever considered that…