Research and development work

The first innovation to come out of our development work, the green wall, began from the idea to bring a small part of the rainforest into interior space. Today our modular green wall is a product protected by EU patent and Chinese utility model patent.

The wide and up-to-date knowledge we have on nature is the driver of our research and development work. We share and improve our know-how through different cooperation projects such as the Virtual Verdue Project, which reforms the idea of green infrastructure. We develop and create new solutions with thought, enthusiasm and on the terms of nature.

Current projects

Yhteisöllistä vertikaaliviljelyä

Green and healthy city

We are working for more sustainable and communal urban living conditions. We are observing by experiments the optimal ways to combine ecologically produced structures with a functional city with the aim of preserving residents’ well-being. For example, we are developing the Wooden Outdoor Green Wall, in which it is possible to grow local food.

Hulevettä puhdistava viherseinä

Could a green wall purify urban runoff?

We are developing natural and research based solutions for urban runoff management. For instance, green walls can filter microplastics from urban runoff based on our observation. Currently, we are examining the best ways to include urban runoff management in our products. The latest results of our research will be published in autumn 2021.

Latest blog posts on this topic

Sustainable green design – presenting the Koivu plant pot series


The products in the Koivu pot series are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The Koivu pot is a beautiful, functional, and responsibly produced home for plants. The manufacturing method of the pots is new, and a patent is pending.

The green stop brings greenery and a communal feeling


The green stop is an entirely domestic innovation by InnoGreen. The green stop was born out of a desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity, and where all residents can enjoy the greenery. Located in an urban environment, the green stop offers a touch of nature, a communal feeling, and something nice to do - all wrapped up in one. All parts of the green stop are made of Finnish wood in Finland.

Reducing the carbon footprint of green construction


Reducing greenhouse gases is a sustainable development target that we all are responsible for. Green construction needs to find low-carbon solutions as well, in order to control the negative effects of climate change. In this blog post, you get to know Angelina Arial, the new member of our Research & Development Team, and you will hear her ideas on sustainable construction.

Members of the team

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