Research and development work

The first innovation to come out of our development work, the green wall, began from the idea to bring a small part of the rainforest into interior space. Today our modular green wall is a product protected by EU patent and Chinese utility model patent.

The wide and up-to-date knowledge we have on nature is the driver of our research and development work. We share and improve our know-how through different cooperation projects such as the Virtual Verdue Project, which reforms the idea of green infrastructure. We develop and create new solutions with thought, enthusiasm and on the terms of nature.

Current projects

Yhteisöllistä vertikaaliviljelyä

Communal Vertical Greening

The Communal Vertical Greening Project is located in Kera, Espoo. The project is surveying the potential of more sustainable and communal ways of urban living. The mission is to create a space where people living nearby would have a chance to experience nature and spend time together. The outcome of the experiment is a leafy city oasis. The project is executed in collaboration with the City of Espoo and it’s part of the Sustainable City Experiments.

Hulevettä puhdistava viherseinä

The green wall purifying urban runoff from microplastics?

We are examining if microplastics can be filtered out of urban runoff with the help of a green wall. We built a modular green wall, where the runoff water from Kehä I ring road is directed. The results regarding the green wall as a filter have been promising so far. The examination is one of the Speedy Experiments of the Baltic Sea Challenge.

Members of the team

Mikko Sonninen

Mikko Sonninen

Team leader

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Long Xie


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Siiri Varis


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