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InnoGreen is a greenery service company with a mission to improve quality of life through nature. We are a full-service partner for our customers, adapting effortlessly to all needs, big or small. We design, implement, and maintain greenery both indoors and outdoors. The most important values ​​for our company - humanity, curiosity, and awareness - are reflected in our work, operating methods, and products. We are the market leader in Finland and our goal is to grow into an inventive center of expertise and development in the greenery sector.

Our offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, and we serve more than 500 contract customers throughout Finland and neighboring countries. Check out our references.

Greenery in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way

We want to create sustainable greenery solutions that bring nature closer to people. In addition to our best-known product, the modular green wall, we are constantly developing new ecological greenery solutions. The aim of our projects is to solve the challenges related to urban living; how to manage urban runoff that is polluting the environment in an ecological manner, how to build natural and comfortable residential areas sustainably, and how to support communities and well-being through greenery solutions. Check out our research and development work.

We collaborate with the World Land Trust in conserving the rainforests. For every square meter of green wall sold, we help protect 1 000 square meters of rainforest. In 2018 we had conserved over 1 million square meters of rainforest.

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