InnoGreen is a greenery service company. We help our clients with all matters related to greenery both indoors and outdoors, from design to execution and maintenance. Our core values, that can be seen in our practices and products, are quality, ecology and corporate responsibility. We want to bring nature closer to the people. In addition to our most well known product, the modular green wall, we constantly develop new economical and ecological greenery products. Our most recent innovation is the rain garden that utilises urban runoff.

In cooperation with the World Land Trust we also conserve rainforests. For every green wall square meter sold, we help protect up to 1000 square meters of rainforest. In 2018 we had already conserved over 1 million square meters of rainforest. We employ over 40 greenery professionals in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku and serve over 500 customers all over Finland and neighbouring countries. Take a look at our references.  

The first company in the greenery business in Finland, M. Ruohomäki Oy i.e. Vihermaailma, is founded.1972Finland’s first winter garden to Turun Sanomat.1978The first plant furniture and a new planting system, Flexi-Flora, is born.1981Finland's first underground irrigation pipes for lawns and plants are installed in Esplanadi Park in Helsinki.1984Switch to IT with the help of Nokia. With the help of IT, e.g. plant growth and the heating of cultivation spaces were tracked. IT also proved useful in sales work and office work.1989The longest running campaign, the Christmas tree decoration competition, took place in 2003-2010. Nearly 100 spruces were auctioned during the campaign and the proceeds were directed to the Cancer Society.2003–2010M. Ruohomäki Oy establishes Puutarha-Allas Oy to make green interiors all around Finland.Helsingin Puutarha-Allas Oy is established when the green interior design operations are separated to be run by a local entrepreneur.1989Clivia, Spider plants and Billbergias are sought and delivered to Mäntyniemi, the president's residence.1993Hilkka Karimo becomes CEO. Karimo has taken Finnish education in the field of green interior design forward and is one of the authors of the textbook Green Interior Design - Theory and Practice.1993Three gardens are constructed in Viikki Library: Nile, Roman and Japanese.1999New business premises are opened in Helsinki and Tampere.2002Puutarha-allas grows and becomes market leader in the industry and the largest green interior design actor.2002–2012Helsinki Puutarha-allas Oy changes its name to InnoGreen vihersisustus Oy.2012Mikko Sonninen participates in The Summer of Startups innovation contest with his “modular green wall” idea and receives the honorary award. Mikko asks his friends Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula, to join him in creating the prototype for the green wall.2010Green House Effect Oy is founded and the company starts collaboration with the World Land Trust in order to protect rain forests.2011The modular green wall is on display at Habitare, where Green House Effect wins the award for best stand in its series.2011The first green walls are sold.2012The final modular form of the green wall has been established and a patent is sought for the green wall.2012Green House Effect acquires its long-term partner InnoGreen. Going forward the company bears the hybrid name InnoGreen.2014The HomeGrow product family, designed for cultivation at home, is launched.2015First site in Tallinn, Estonia.2016InnoGreen's operations expand to Sweden through an interior design project, designing a ship’s sundeck for Swedish shipping company Birka Lines.2016InnoGreen starts their outdoors gardening operations.2016InnoGreen laucnes the rain garden – an ecological garden entity that uses excess rainwater and urban runoff for irrigation.2017The HomeGrow product family is discontinued and operations are increasingly focused on green interior design for corporate clients.2017InnoGreen acquires Vihermaailma and thus expands operations to Turku.2018Mikko Sonninen, Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula receive the Young entrepeneurs in Helsinki 2018 award.2018By the end of 2018 InnoGreen has helped protect 1 000 000 square meters of rain forest through the World Land Trust co-operation.2019InnoGreen expands its operations to Asia and the first green wall rises in China.2019A European patent is granted for the green wall.2019