It all started with a boy who loved frogs, who, in turn, loved green walls. His future course was thus decided.

The boy, Mikko Sonninen, who was equally fascinated by tropical plants and poison-arrow frogs, took his first step into corporate world by entering the Summer of Startups innovation competition with his modular green wall. After getting through the first round, he had to pitch his idea to a panel of judges to make it to the final. Mikko had no clue what pitching means, but by some miracle made it to the shortlist. The idea needed to be developed further. Mikko turned to his friend, Jaakko Pesonen, who has never been shy of challenges, and together they decided to refine the crazy, but clearly potential, idea. Oula Harjula, Jaakko’s childhood friend, who understood the challenges of entrepreneurship, was approached for help, and after some consideration turned the duo into a trio. Visions of the men were a perfect fit and laid a foundation for the company, which would soon introduce a breath of fresh air into the world of interior landscaping. The saga of Green House Effect had begun.

During a summer camp, the men built their first prototype, which immediately won the jury over. With some R&D funding in their pockets, the trio turned their eyes to next year’s Habitare, the largest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland. The wall was developed around the clock to make it the best and most versatile ecowall anyone had ever seen. Despite some setbacks, which forced the trio to approach the project from a completely new viewpoint, the wall was completed just in time for the exhibition, where it earned its makers the best stand award in its series. The stand was visited by two investors, whose support made it possible to finalise the product. Living green wall sparked interest in design circles and led to orders from some of the biggest players in the field. The market was already hungry for new products, and the trio decided to meet the need with customised solutions and some out-of-this-world plant installations.

After hundreds of hours of hard work, the structure of the green wall was finally honed to perfection and a patent application filed. The company continued to grow in size and in skill, until it was able to call itself the most innovative interior landscaping company in Finland. A giant leap towards the future was taken when Green House Effect acquired InnoGreen, its long time partner. The next leap will be taken abroad. The door is already ajar: the first exported green wall stands in Estonia, and a Swedish cruise ship houses the largest floating winter garden of the Nordic countries. The possibilities are truly endless.
You combine the best maintenance personnel in Finland, innovative green products and three highly professional ? and slightly wacky ? entrepreneurs, and what do you get? An interior landscaping company that does everything in its power to turn your green dream into reality!