Parkly, known for their modular and versatile urban furniture, and InnoGreen, renowned for their green walls and green decor, join forces to create more enjoyable urban spaces. The two have worked together in various experiments previously, and now it’s time to make the collaboration official and bring their joint solutions more easily accessible.

The need for more comfortable green spaces in cities is ever growing, but often the issue is how to create them in areas that are already built. Parkly’s and InnoGreen’s solutions make this possible effortlessly and easily. Plazas, streets, and other urban spaces can be transformed into greener and more enjoyable environments without major alterations or investments.

InnoGreen and Parkly create innovative solutions for urban spaces by combining urban greenery with urban design professionals. Previous collaborations include an experimental noise barrier in the form of a greenwall, bringing greenery and reducing traffic noise in the center of Helsinki in summer 2023. Additionally, the companies have offered tailored, lightweight, and easy solutions for other urban experiments in the city of Helsinki. Their solutions are now more readily available for other cities as well.

In collaboration, Parkly and InnoGreen provide solutions for public spaces as a service. With Parkly’s modules, it’s easy to create green leisure areas anywhere. For the same purpose InnoGreen offers green stops, for example. As the companies are joining their forces, buyers can now effortlessly get a complete package with modules and greenery at once, from design to implementation and maintenance to storage. Parkly manufactures the modules, while InnoGreen is responsible for the maintenance and greenery. And since the green solutions are also available for rent, it is possible to get them for shorter periods, too.

“We share a common desire to make urban spaces greener and more enjoyable. By combining street furniture with green services, we can offer various customized solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and spaces. Parkly’s modular furniture solution is both flexible and sustainable: the parts can be replaced, and the set-ups can be adjusted as needed. Megatrends such as urbanization increase the need for green spaces — it’s great that we can offer new solutions for this together,” says Parkly Co-Founder and Designer Päivi Raivio.

One example of joint product development is the integrated green wall module in Parkly’s product family, combining InnoGreen’s green wall technology with Parkly’s modules.

From like-mindedness to collaboration

InnoGreen and Parkly have a shared vision for better cities, so the collaboration felt natural.

“At InnoGreen we want to approach urban greenery from a new perspective, and now we have a partner in Parkly who shares the same values — we can find ways to make constructed environments greener and more enjoyable. In addition, we are both focused on sustainability and adaptability, as well as the desire to create urban greenery,” says Oula Harjula, Development Director at InnoGreen, and continues:

“We also want to emphasize the importance of collaboration in our corporate culture because we believe that cooperation leads to positive development faster and better than competition.”

What kind of green spaces do you want in the city?

So, what kinds of possibilities does this collaboration bring? How about an outdoor seating area on a campus during the summer for studying, observing pollinators, and enjoying greenery? Thanks to Parkly’s colorful modules, attractive bright colors can be combined with vibrant greenery. Or perhaps an office building terrace lacks a cozy lounge area for enjoying the summer alongside work or during breaks? According to Parkly and InnoGreen, urban dwellers almost universally desire more greenery and recreational opportunities in squares, markets, and street spaces.

Implementations are not limited to only the summer season, but modules and green services can be utilized throughout the year. For example, Parkly and InnoGreen currently have a joint project underway in the city of Kerava, exploring the added value and comfort of a seasonal street.

Through this collaboration, the possibilities for urban greenery are almost limitless. Thanks to the modular structures, various creative combinations can be made, incorporating green walls, seasonal plants, and more.


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