innogreen kaari viherseinät
Green walls guiding visitors to the second floor in Shopping Center Kaari.

Green Walls

We have developed the most versatile plant walls in the market that are made to meet your needs. We create grand and showy green walls from living plants, trendy and long lasting moss walls and silk plant walls that can endure more harsher conditions. The shape, seamless fit to other interior decorations and plant choices are made according to the customers wishes.

More about our Green Walls

Plants and greenery

Pot plants, trees, hanging baskets, big or small plants - greenery that fits into your space. Our professional staff will help you choose the right plants and plant them in our facilities before delivery. The plants are placed in waterproof planting sacks, placed into the planting base chosen by the customer and made to suit the space it is going to be installed. After some finishing touches the wall is ready to be delivered!

Silk plants

Sometimes silk plants may be the best type of plant to use. Temperature, light and overall conditions of the space affect the plant choises and sometimes they may require the need to use silk plants. Most challenging spaces can be made green by using silk plants that resemble living plants. Silk plants can also be utilised to create larger silk plant walls.   

Vihersisustus, InnoGreen / Birka
Silk plants were placed on the lower part of the sun deck bar counter to bring more greenery.


We want your greenery to be green. We have a professional staff and carefully selected subcontractors to make sure that your plants are well. We also handle planting of seasonal plants and yearly maintenance.