Finnish Koivu Challenges Mass Production


Timeless Koivu products pave the way for a more sustainable green industry! Koivu products, with their design and various size options, fit well into diverse spaces and interior styles. The product family, including pots, room dividers, panels, and green walls, is designed and manufactured in Finland using Finnish birch plywood. They challenge their competitors in mass production: Why make poor choices when you can make better ones?

Parkly x InnoGreen – creating green urban spaces together


Parkly, known for their modular and versatile urban furniture, and InnoGreen, renowned for their green walls and green decor, join forces to create more enjoyable urban spaces. The two have worked together in various experiments previously, and now it’s time to make the collaboration official and bring their joint solutions more easily accessible.

InnoGreen’s green solutions bring comfort and communality to cities while also tackling noise pollution


InnoGreen is developing unique solutions for greener future cities. Urban greenery refers to all the green elements within cities. Through InnoGreen’s innovations, such as the green stop, greenery can be introduced to new locations and built environments, instead of being limited to just parks.

InnoGreen’s stabilized plants and moss panels provide a sustainable alternative to plastic plants


Plastic plants have often been seen as the only possible solution for spaces where living plants cannot thrive due to environmental conditions. InnoGreen, known for its green walls and innovative green decor solutions, decided to discontinue the sale of plastic plants starting from the beginning of 2023 and introduced stabilized plants instead. The stabilization method is already familiar to many through our lush moss walls. Moss enthusiasts have good news, as alongside customized solutions, InnoGreen is now launching striking birch-framed moss and lichen boards.

The beautiful combination of houseplants and Finnish birch – InnoGreen expands the Koivu product family


Beauty and simplicity go hand in hand in the latest additions to InnoGreen’s Koivu product family: striking moss and lichen boards, a handy room divider pot designed to fit on shelves and window sills, and a green wall with a birch frame. The Koivu products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The beautiful, functional, and responsibly-made Koivu products fit many different spaces and styles thanks to their design and colour options. InnoGreen, known for its unique green decor solutions and products, aims to reshape the green industry by introducing more sustainable options for enjoying greenery in urban environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Green noise barrier experiment


Noise is a real nuisance in many cities. That’s why InnoGreen is participating in a trial with the City of Helsinki to find new, better, and greener solutions to tackle noise pollution. In the summer of 2023, we are fighting against noise with a green noise barrier at Erottaja Square.

Well-being for every space with a lighter green wall


At InnoGreen, we believe in the power of plants to promote well-being and we want to make them available for every space. That’s why we designed a new, lighter green wall model that broadens the possibilities of our modular green wall.

No more plastic – InnoGreen develops even more sustainable greenery


Greenery and sustainability often go hand in hand in our minds, but is that really the case? InnoGreen wants to modernize the green industry and develop even more sustainable green decor solutions that respect both nature and people. First the company launched the domestic Koivu plant pots to provide more ethically and sustainably produced planters. Now InnoGreen gives up the sale of plastic plants and brings stabilized plants to its selection.

The new green wall by InnoGreen


The new green wall by InnoGreen works for various spaces and budgets! InnoGreen is introducing a new type of green wall with a lighter structure and a smaller cost in spring 2023. As a result, the new green wall works for even more various spaces and needs. 

The Koivu plant pots combine Finnish design with local craftmanship


In spring 2022 we launched our new Koivu plant pots to give our clients a more sustainable option for their green design solutions. The Koivu pots are made from Finnish birch plywood at our small factory in Nastola, Finland. Here we tell you a little bit more about the manufacturing process, from design to a beautiful, finished product.

Sustainable green design – presenting the Koivu plant pot series


The products in the Koivu pot series are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The Koivu pot is a beautiful, functional, and responsibly produced home for plants. The manufacturing method of the pots is new, and a patent is pending.

The green stop brings greenery and a communal feeling


The green stop is an entirely domestic innovation by InnoGreen. The green stop was born out of a desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity, and where all residents can enjoy the greenery. Located in an urban environment, the green stop offers a touch of nature, a communal feeling, and something nice to do - all wrapped up in one. All parts of the green stop are made of Finnish wood in Finland.

Reducing the carbon footprint of green construction


Reducing greenhouse gases is a sustainable development target that we all are responsible for. Green construction needs to find low-carbon solutions as well, in order to control the negative effects of climate change. In this blog post, you get to know Angelina Arial, the new member of our Research & Development Team, and you will hear her ideas on sustainable construction.

Green Stop advances eco-friendly and communal cities


Green Stop is an all new green solution making cities more comfortable. The wooden structure was designed in cooperation with ROOH Studio. The idea behind Green Stop was to create an eco-friendly green solution bringing liveliness to outdoor spaces in town. We set up Green Stop at Malminkartano in July 2021. Check out the story of Green Stop, from idea to final product!

Researching urban runoff management advances sustainable urbanization


Rainwater or meltwater that runs unrestrainedly down the streets is a major problem for a city. Urban runoff water that is unfiltered carries the dirt and pollutants of the streets with it, thus it also causes environmental burden. Natural solutions for urban runoff management are essential elements of the future’s city. However, the solutions will not be possible to develop without thorough scientific research.

Green infrastructure helps control the environmental problems of the cities


The greenhouse gases emitted in cities hasten climate change and deteriorate citizens’ wellbeing. There are challenges in sustainable urbanization but the ways for achieving carbon neutral cities are already within reach. Long Xie, our researcher, tells how green infrastructure can boost the development of cities.

Companies have the possibility and the responsibility to uphold biodiversity


Companies have benefited greatly from nature and now the time has come for companies to help nature in return. The societal progression that has had the biggest effect on biodiversity has been the increase in consumption . Now is the time to wake up and realise that companies’ actions are greatly needed. Companies have a multitude of possibilities to guard nature values more effectively. Switching to circular economy solutions in manufacturing goods and services, and demanding ecological actions from cooperation partners, to name but a few. The biodiversity catastrophe we are undergoing is possible to tackle but it requires cooperation and genuine contributions. 

Green solutions are derived from thorough research and development work


During 2020 a city oasis was built in Kera, where it was tested how green solutions regenerating urban living work in practice. The examination of the solutions included both scientific research and involving the inhabitants of the city. Eventually, a beautiful green space for urban farming was built and valuable information for the research and development work was provided. But what was actually examined in the city oasis?

Could the green wall filter microplastics from urban runoff?


InnoGreen is currently examining how effectively microplastics can be filtered from urban runoff by directing the runoff water through a green wall. For research purposes a modular green wall was built in Konala, Helsinki. The runoff water from Kehä 1 ring road is directed into the green wall. The study is one of the Speedy Experiments of the Baltic Sea Challenge.

We are continuously developing the modular green wall


The original modular green wall of ours came to be in the year 2010. The story of our green wall began when one of our founders and partner Mikko Sonninen visioned that everyone should be able to enjoy a rainforest like lushness and greenery every single day. The demo used to introduce the modular green wall won at the Summer of Start Ups competition in 2010. After that Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula teamed up with Mikko to further develop the green wall. With investors, the trio was able to create a product that is both functional and ecological. Behind all the tough work was the deep passion to bring people back closer to nature. 

We have preserved over 1 000 000 m2 of tropical forests


World Land Trust (WLT) is an international nature conservation organization that aims to preserve the most biologically significant and endangered habitats around the world. As a partner of WLT, we have taken part in the preservation of the Colombian Chocó rainforest, the cloud forests in the Andies and the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

The mesmerizing trees at Oodi library


The central library of Helsinki, Oodi has received plenty of international media attention. Beautiful, natural architecture and design make Oodi a remarkable place. When we were included in the making of the green decor at Oodi, we knew that this was something very special.

Plant terrarium – a piece of rainforest


For plant enthusiasts like us, a pot in the corner of the office simply isn’t enough. We wanted to bring a touch of exoticism and rainforest diversity to the chilly Nordic environment. Thus the plant terrarium was born. It brings a piece of the mystic of the Amazon into every interior in a convenient package.

Welcome nature – a climate-positive urban oasis in Kalasatama


People need nature around them to feel healthy and to be happy. This is true inside as well as outside. This spring we are taking part in Smart Kalasatama’s agile piloting programme and building a thriving urban oasis in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki. We’ll create a rain garden designed to store rainwater and to return it to nature.

Know this when buying your first green wall


Eye-catching green walls are built in Finland and elsewhere in Europe in an increasing number of public places and private residences. Green walls surprise and delight people using the space time after time. In small places, it’s possible to enjoy greenery without wasting floor space. But what does one have to take into account before installing a green wall?

Better acoustics naturally – case Helsinki Hall of Culture


The designing of the big conference rooms in the Helsinki Hall of Culture, designed by Alvar Aalto, was began with a clear need: the big spaces were in need of better acoustics and a new look. Aalto himself was passionate about nature and plants. Moss, which is natural and easy to maintain, was chosen to improve the acoustics.

A unique green tower in the Sello shopping centre


The Sello shopping centre in Espoo attracts thousands of visitors daily. The shopping centre has turned into more of a meeting place rather than just a concentration of shops. People come to spend time and enjoy themselves with friends and family. This makes the cosiness of both the inside and outside spaces more important than it used to be. We have been cooperating with the Sello shopping centre for a long time. This time around, our mutual goal was to create a unique eye-catcher.