The Koivu products combine first-class Finnish wood craftsmanship and functionality. The plant pots, space dividers, framed moss and lichen boards, and green walls of the Koivu collection are designed as well as manufactured on demand in Finland from Finnish birch plywood.

A union of beauty and functionality

The Koivu products are a masterpiece of Finnish wood craftsmanship: they are beautiful to look at and stand the test of time. They represent a more sustainable approach to our industry and are the choice of environmentally conscious decorators. The timeless design makes Koivu products suitable for various spaces and styles, and the collection offers a wide range of solutions.

Sustainable green design with Koivu products 

It all started with the Koivu plant pots, driven by a desire to create more sustainable green design solutions. We demand more from our pots than just a beautiful design - they have to be safe, stable, and manufactured and transported sustainably. When we couldn’t find a partner that aligns with our values, the solution was clear: we would have to make the pots ourselves.

The first Koivu pots were completed in the spring of 2022 and to our delight, they were warmly received. Thanks to its great popularity, the Koivu product family expanded in the fall 2023. Now, in addition to plant pots, there are moss and lichen boards, space-dividing planters, and a birch-framed green wall available providing a wider variety of choices to green interior.

The Koivu products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood in cooperation with local producers and wood processing professionals. The products are manufactured only on demand and therefore not one pot is ever wasted. Compared to pots manufactured abroad, the journey of our Koivu pots from the factory to our clients is quite short.

Introducing the Koivu product family

Plant pots

The Koivu pot series includes pots in various sizes. They can be used in many ways – for example, as space-dividers, individual pots or pot arrangements. You can choose pots with wheels, short legs or high legs. Arrange and combine different Koivu pots to create unique compositions.

Thanks to the flexibility of birch plywood the pots are virtually seamless, and the natural grain of the wood makes the surface of each pot unique. Birch plywood makes the pots light, but also stable and solid, durable, and suitable for transfer.

The Koivu pot is delivered together with an Orthex planting pot made of 100% recycled plastic. Our experts are happy to help you in selecting the size, shape, color, and legs of the Koivu pot. Local production and a short supply chain means the pots can be manufactured quickly on demand. The estimated delivery time for the pots from the time of order is one month. Find out all the options below!

Moss and lichen boards

Green, long-lasting moss walls and installations have been captivating and steadily gaining popularity for a decade now. In addition to custom moss arrangements, you can now find ready-made, nature-inspired moss and lichen boards from our Koivu selection.

The lightweight boards are quick to hang on a wall and available in three different shapes: circle, square, and rectangle. Different size and shape options allow the boards to be placed in both large and small spaces. They can also be arranged in groups to create beautiful compositions. Stabilized moss and lichen stays green for years and is maintenance-free.

Green wall

The Koivu green wall brings together the timeless design of the Koivu pots and InnoGreen’s uncompromising patented green wall technology. You can hang the Koivu green wall on the wall as an eye-catcher, just like any other InnoGreen green wall. Alternatively, you can use the Koivu green wall as a double-sided room divider, which can be effortlessly moved from one space to another.

The Koivu green wall features up to 48 real plants and is safely watered with a sub-irrigation system. On the other side of the green wall, you can opt for a lush moss or lichen wall. Real plants require light to thrive, and for spaces with limited natural light, InnoGreen also provides suitable plant lights.


Why choose Koivu?

  • A responsible choice.
  • Made in Finland from Finnish birch plywood.
  • Timeless design and a beautiful, natural wood finish.
  • Versatile size, shape, and leg options.
  • Surface treatment can be customised with or without colour.
  • Koivu pots are delivered together with Orthex indoor pots made from 100% recycled plastic.

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