The Koivu plant pot series combines first-class Finnish wood design and functionality. All pots are made on demand in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. Due to the material and method of manufacture, the pots are light but durable and stable in their construction. These pots are beautiful and safe homes for your plants.

A union of beauty and functionality

The timeless design makes the Koivu plant pots suitable for a wide range of spaces and atmospheres. Thanks to the flexibility of the birch plywood the pots are virtually seamless, and the natural grain of the wood makes the surface of each pot unique. The birch plywood makes the pots light, but also stable and solid, durable, and suitable for transfer.

innogreen koivu pot

Sustainable green design with Koivu pots 

The idea for the Koivu plant pots were born from a desire to create more sustainable green design solutions. It’s a common thought that a good plant pot is one that goes well with the interior design. We, however, demand a bit more from a  pot. The pot needs to be safe and stable, also when it’s a large pot, and it needs to be manufactured and transported sustainably both from an environmental and socioeconomically responsible view. 

The Koivu pots are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood in cooperation with local producers and wood processing professionals. The products are manufactured only on demand and therefore not one pot is ever wasted. Compared to pots manufactured abroad, our Koivu pots’ journey from the factory in Nastola to our clients is very short.

Koivu as a space divider and in arrangements

In the Koivu pot series, you can find large pots that are suitable as space dividers, as well as medium-sized and small pots that are suitable for interior decoration as individual pots or in pot arrangements. You can choose pots with wheels, short legs or high legs. You create the most spectacular arrangement by combining Koivu pots of different shapes and with different legs.

Models, sizes, and shades in the Koivu pot series 

The Koivu pot is delivered together with an Orthex planting pot made of 100% recycled plastic. Our experts are happy to help you in selecting the size, shape, color, and legs of the pot. For the surface treatment of the pots, we use Tikkurila’s Supi sauna wax, which belongs to the best M1 emission class and contains natural wax. Local production and a short supply chain enable fast production. The estimated delivery time for the pots from the time of order is about 1 month.

Why Koivu?

  • A sustainable choice.
  • Made in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. 
  • Delivery time from time of order only ca 1 month. Available from June 2022.
  • Timeless design and a beautiful, natural wood surface. 
  • Comes in several sizes and shapes
  • Surface treatment according to your wishes, with or without color.
  • Choose short legs, wheels, or long legs for more airiness.  
  • The Koivu pots are delivered together with Orthex planting pots made of 100% recycled plastic.  
  • The wooden pot is a suitable home for many kinds of plants. We are happy to help you select your plants!

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