Plastic plants have often been seen as the only possible solution for spaces where living plants cannot thrive due to environmental conditions. InnoGreen, known for its green walls and innovative green decor solutions, decided to discontinue the sale of plastic plants starting from the beginning of 2023 and introduced stabilized plants instead. The stabilization method is already familiar to many through our lush moss walls. Moss enthusiasts have good news, as alongside customized solutions, InnoGreen is now launching striking birch-framed moss and lichen boards.

InnoGreen always aims to use living green plants in its versatile and lush green decor solutions. However, this isn’t always possible, as living plants require specific conditions, such as proper lighting and temperature. Traditionally, the green industry has used plastic plants in challenging environments. But there is finally a better alternative to plastic. InnoGreen renewed its plant selection earlier this year by replacing plastic plants with stabilized plants, and is now expanding its moss collection with new moss boards.

The stabilization process preserves the living plant

Stabilized plants refer to preserved plants. The stabilization process uses glycerin, and treated plants are recyclable and biodegradable. Stabilization helps to bring greenery into spaces with more challenging conditions.

What’s even better, stabilized plants and mosses retain their shape and true colours for years. Stabilized plants can be used in a variety of ways, for example in pots, installations, and green walls. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance themselves. Of course, in public spaces, for example, people might want to touch the soft-looking plants, and in that case even stabilized plants might require occasional repair or touch-up.

“There is a demand for stabilized plants, and currently we are actively expanding our plant selection. It’s been great to see that our customers are happy to switch from plastic to stabilized plants. This is of course an important question in terms of values and the environment. Nowadays, it would seem odd to choose plastic when there is a more sustainable option available” says Sami Vainionp√§√§, sales manager at InnoGreen.

The use of stabilized plants has been increasing in Europe, and in Finland, the decorative moss trend remains strong. Stabilization brings new opportunities and significantly grows InnoGreen’s plant selection. Currently, there is a great interest in domestic products in green decor. Since many people enjoy elements of Nordic nature, InnoGreen is studying the possibility of making domestic conifers and shrubs a part of green decor indoors through stabilization.

The tranquillity of the forest in frames - introducing moss and lichen boards

This autumn InnoGreen is introducing striking moss and lichen boards as part of the Koivu selection. The frames of the boards are made from Finnish birch, and customers can choose between trendy moss or lichen, according to their preferences. The lightweight, easy-to-hang boards are available in three different shapes: circle, square, and rectangular. The moss board brings the tranquillity of the forest indoors and serves as a sustainable green decor element, either as a single focal point or as a beautiful arrangement with multiple boards. In addition to the new moss boards, InnoGreen continues to offer various moss walls and installations, limited only by imagination.

Circle, available sizes (diameters): S 60 cm, M 90 cm and L 120 cm
Square, available sizes: S 60x60 cm, M 90x90 cm and L 120x120 cm
Rectangle, available sizes: S 120x60 cm and M 180x90 cm

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