Our walls consist of two parts: the plant panel and the basin. The plant panel is attached directly to wall structures. The necessary water and nutrients are fed through the basin. Depending on the circumstances, the basin can be replaced with a tap water connection fitted with a solenoid valve, nutrient doser, timer and pressure regulator.

Plant panels of the Green Wall

The plant panel is modular. One module is 600 mm wide, 165 mm high and 200 mm deep. Each module can house four plants in their own individual SACK planter bags. The modules are made of ABS plastic by Okartek in Kaarina, Finland.

Module aluminium rails

The modules are mounted to aluminium rails so the panel is not in direct contact with the wall material. The fixings and other structures do not need to be protected as the water circulation within the panel is closed. Irrigation pipes run inside the modules and distribute water evenly between them.

Module irrigation system

The irrigation system is always closed. This means that there is no water dripping from the leaves or along the wall.

There are two irrigation systems available:

1. A pump inside the basin pumps water and nutrients to the plants once weekly. The irrigation can be timed to cause minimal disturbance to those staying or working near the wall. The basin has a biofilter, which recycles and oxidises water to prevent unwanted bacteria.

Water loss is minimised by recycling excess water back into the basin. Should the pump for some reason remain on, it does not consume any extra water.

2. Green wall is equipped with a tap water connection. The green wall is fed lukewarm water via a timer-controlled solenoid valve. The pipe installation is fitted with a doser that regulates the nutrient content of the water. Any excess water is directed to a collector positioned at the bottom of the plant panel and on to a drain.

Green wall plants

In hydroponic gardening systems, the plants grow in expanded clay aggregate completely without soil. This intensifies the plants’ air quality improving properties and eliminates any soil-related health problems, such as the distribution of mould spores. In semi-hydroponic systems, the plants and their root balls are inserted in an inorganic growth medium.

The plants are selected according to the customer’s wishes and the atmosphere of the space. The final selection is made on the basis of the plant supplier’s proposal.

The lighting is realised with a state-of-the-art LED system characterised by a very long service life. Bulb spectrum is similar to the appearance of daylight, which not only allows the plants to receive just the right kind of light, but also enhances their visual appearance.


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InnoGreen walls are the most energy and water-efficient ecowall systems available. They are designed and manufactured in Finland. Wall technology is patent pending (application No: 20125938).

For every square metre of green wall sold, InnoGreen commits to conserve 1000 square metres of rainforest via the World Land Trust. The customer receives an official Certificate of Appreciation.

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