InnoGreen’s Green Walls as a Service


Green walls are undoubtedly our most popular product, and over the years, the range of our various green walls has expanded. Today, all our green walls are available as a flexible rental service so now is a good time to introduce all our models, from the smallest to the largest!

The beautiful combination of houseplants and Finnish birch – InnoGreen expands the Koivu product family


Beauty and simplicity go hand in hand in the latest additions to InnoGreen’s Koivu product family: striking moss and lichen boards, a handy room divider pot designed to fit on shelves and window sills, and a green wall with a birch frame. The Koivu products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The beautiful, functional, and responsibly-made Koivu products fit many different spaces and styles thanks to their design and colour options. InnoGreen, known for its unique green decor solutions and products, aims to reshape the green industry by introducing more sustainable options for enjoying greenery in urban environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Well-being for every space with a lighter green wall


At InnoGreen, we believe in the power of plants to promote well-being and we want to make them available for every space. That’s why we designed a new, lighter green wall model that broadens the possibilities of our modular green wall.

Green decor for every space – everything you want to know about green walls


Green walls can be found in many different places these days. Since green walls are gaining interest, we decided to put together an ABC of green walls, and gather all the information you need about our modular green walls in one blog. What kind of options are there with green walls? What type of space do green walls fit in? You will find the answers to these burning questions in this post.

The new green wall by InnoGreen


The new green wall by InnoGreen works for various spaces and budgets! InnoGreen is introducing a new type of green wall with a lighter structure and a smaller cost in spring 2023. As a result, the new green wall works for even more various spaces and needs. 

Nature for all senses at Taikatahti kindergarten


Located in the heart of Helsinki, the Reggio Emilia pedagogical Music Kindergarten Taikatahti is like a small oasis in the middle of the city. Taikatahti is both an architectural and an interior design masterpiece example of how an urban space can be turned into a stimulating, natural and sensory-stimulating experience. Let’s take a closer look at what is so enchanting about Taikatahti!

Good green design and business space planning enables interaction at the workplace


Interaction is essential in every workplace, whether it requires being on site or remote connection. By planning the premises carefully and having a customer focus, it is also possible to enable interaction to happen naturally in the workplace. Also, competent green planning can have significant impact on general comfort, employees’ ability to concentrate and productivity.

The popularity of green walls continues


Green walls rising high, green columns or even installations are seen in more and more public spaces and offices. The green wall is a spectacular and, when well-maintained, unbeatable eye-catcher. We asked our interior decoration experts what it is about our green walls that delights people and what is currently expected of green walls.

Could the green wall filter microplastics from urban runoff?


InnoGreen is currently examining how effectively microplastics can be filtered from urban runoff by directing the runoff water through a green wall. For research purposes a modular green wall was built in Konala, Helsinki. The runoff water from Kehä 1 ring road is directed into the green wall. The study is one of the Speedy Experiments of the Baltic Sea Challenge.