Beauty and simplicity go hand in hand in the latest additions to InnoGreen’s Koivu product family: striking moss and lichen boards, a handy room divider pot designed to fit on shelves and window sills, and a green wall with a birch frame. The Koivu products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. The beautiful, functional, and responsibly-made Koivu products fit many different spaces and styles thanks to their design and colour options. InnoGreen, known for its unique green decor solutions and products, aims to reshape the green industry by introducing more sustainable options for enjoying greenery in urban environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Get on board with the moss trend – now introducing decorative moss and lichen boards!

Green, long-lasting moss walls and installations have been captivating and gaining popularity steadily for a decade now. In addition to custom moss arrangements, you can now find ready-made, nature-inspired moss and lichen boards from our Koivu selection. The lightweight boards are quick to hang on a wall and available in three different shapes: circle, square, and rectangle. Different size and shape options allow the boards to be placed in both large and small spaces. They can also be arranged in groups to create beautiful compositions.

Circle, available sizes (diameters): S 60 cm, M 90 cm and L 120 cm
Square, available sizes: S 60x60 cm, M 90x90 cm and L 120x120 cm
Rectangle, available sizes: S 120x60 cm and M 180x90 cm

The Koivu green wall works also as a space divider

InnoGreen, known for its green walls, added plant pots to their selection in the spring of 2022. The Koivu pots were warmly welcomed as there was a strong demand for responsible pot options. The manufacturing process of Koivu pots is unique and patented.

The Koivu green wall is a highly anticipated addition, bringing together the timeless design of the Koivu pots and InnoGreen’s uncompromising patented green wall technology. You can hang the Koivu green wall on the wall as an eye-catcher, just like any other InnoGreen green wall. Alternatively, you can use the Koivu green wall as a double-sided room divider, which can be effortlessly moved from one space to another.

The Koivu green wall features up to 48 real plants and is safely watered with a sub-irrigation system. On the other side of the green wall, you can opt for a lush moss or lichen wall or a whiteboard for your office, for example. Real plants require light to thrive, and for spaces with limited natural light, InnoGreen also provides suitable plant lights.

The dimensions of the Koivu green wall are: height 125 cm, width 125 cm, depth 35 cm as a space divider or 25 cm when attached to the wall.

Wheel height is 17 cm.

Koivu combines beauty and functionality

Timeless design and versatile size options make Koivu pots suitable for different spaces and atmospheres. Large room dividers are available both with and without legs. One of the new additions to the Koivu family is the room divider pot, which is perfect for placing on top of existing furniture or even on a windowsill. This handy room divider pot adds a touch of greenery, for example, next to workspaces or on shelves without having to change your existing room divider solution.

The medium-sized and small pots from the Koivu series can be used individually as well as in arrangements. You can choose the pot with pads, wheels, or legs. The most striking arrangements can be achieved by combining various Koivu products.

Koivu combines premium Finnish wood design and functionality. All products are made on demand in Finland from Finnish birch plywood. Thanks to the flexibility of birch plywood, the pots are almost seamless, and the natural wood grain gives each pot a unique finish.

Why choose Koivu?

  • A responsible choice.
  • Made in Finland from Finnish birch plywood.
  • Timeless design and a beautiful, natural wood finish.
  • Versatile size, shape, and leg options.
  • Surface treatment can be customised with or without colour.
  • Koivu pots are delivered together with Orthex indoor pots made from 100% recycled plastic.


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