The new green wall by InnoGreen works for various spaces and budgets! InnoGreen is introducing a new type of green wall with a lighter structure and a smaller cost in spring 2023. As a result, the new green wall works for even more various spaces and needs. 

Green walls add character to a space

Green walls and structures bring a unique element for the green decor of any space. A green wall can be used for many things; to divide rooms, to add colour and life or to help with the acoustics of a space. InnoGreen is known for the most versatile green walls on the market. Our walls come in different shapes and sizes with a wide selection of plants to choose from – and now with different watering systems as well. We prefer to use several different species of living plants, and our green walls can be built indoor or outdoor. 

All our green walls are made of multiple modules, or building blocks, that can be stacked, placed side by side or organized on top a frame in whatever shape you wish for. The modular structure of our green walls is patented, and because of it the possibilities of the green walls are nearly limitless. Some of the green walls are equipped with a tap water connection. Where that is not possible, the walls have basin with a pump inside it, and any excess water is recycled back to the basin. 

The new green wall by InnoGreen fits all spaces and wishes 

The new green wall by InnoGreen is an ode to simplicity. It is built from the same modules as our other green walls, but it’s stripped from all irrigation technology, and the plants are watered manually. InnoGreen maintains the plants in the green walls every 2-3 weeks and can take care of watering the plants at the same time. 

“The new green wall was born out of a wish to create a solution with the same benefits as our other walls but with a smaller cost. We started testing manual watering with a few outdoor walls, and it worked well. It doesn’t take a lot of time to water the plants, so it’s simple to do at the same time when our professionals maintain the plants” says Mikko Sonninen, who leads the research and product development team at InnoGreen. 

The lighter structure means smaller costs of materials, basins and other technology. The cost of smaller walls has previously not been much lower than the cost of larger structures, but the new green wall suits smaller budgets as well as smaller spaces. The simpler structure also creates new possibilities for the green walls – for example, they can be hung on a wall like a painting, since without a water basin they are light enough and there are no pipes in the way. 

The new model expands InnoGreen’s product portfolio and possibilities for creativity. Our green walls are popular and beautiful solutions, and the new model helps bring plants into even more challenging spaces and lets us be even more creative. The same selection of plants is available for the new green walls as the original ones, so you don’t need to compromise on your dreams. The new green walls can also be built indoor or outdoor.

How to choose the right green wall for your space

Our professional designers help you with choosing the perfect green wall solution for your space, considering your hopes and the possibilities of the space. With big, bold green walls it is smart to connect them directly to a water tap. In many spaces, the system with a basin and a pump works great. If the space is small or you just want to try something new, the new green wall model might be the right solution for you. Regardless of which model works best for your space, the benefits are the same. Green plants reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, increase productivity and elevate the space.

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