Green walls can be found in many different places these days. Since green walls are gaining interest, we decided to put together an ABC of green walls, and gather all the information you need about our modular green walls in one blog. What kind of options are there with green walls? What type of space do green walls fit in? You will find the answers to these burning questions in this post.

What is InnoGreen’s modular green wall?

As the name suggests, our green walls consist of multiple modules with plants in them. The modules can be stacked, placed side by side or organised on top of a frame in any shape you want - for example spelling out your company’s name. The modular structure also allows the wall to be moved freely. Usually the green walls are mounted on a wall, but with wheels underneath they can also be used as movable elements.

One module is 600 mm wide, 165 mm high and 200 mm deep. Each module can house four plants in their own individual planter bags. One square metre of green wall can therefore have up to 40 living plants. The modules are mounted to aluminium rails, so the plants are not in direct contact with the wall material. This means you don’t need to worry about protecting the wall from moisture! The modules are made in Finland by Okartek.

What kinds of green walls can you get from InnoGreen?

As said, thanks to the modular structure, our green walls fit everyone’s needs. They can be assembled into different arrangements, used as space dividers or combined into a huge wall for big open spaces. Each solution has their own irrigation system to keep the plants thriving. You can find examples of the different solutions we provide on our reference page, where you can see our green walls in office spaces, shopping centres and outdoor spaces, for instance. With our modular structure we have also built a green tower in Sello shopping centre.

In spring 2023 we are introducing a new, lightweight model into our green wall selection. It is built from the same modules as our original green walls, but with lighter technology. The lighter structure means that the new model works for both smaller spaces and smaller budgets. The simpler structure creates new possibilities for the green walls – for example, they can be hung on a wall like a painting!

How are the plants in a green wall watered?

We have three different watering solutions for our green walls. With the new, lighter walls, our maintenance crew hand waters the plants manually every 2-3 weeks.

The larger green wall solutions include an irrigation system, where irrigation pipes distribute water to every module. The irrigation system is closed, so there is no water dripping from the leaves or along the wall. With the irrigation pipes, either a pump or a tap water connection can be used.

A pump inside the basin pumps water and nutrients to the plants once a week. Excess water is recycled back into the basin, so water loss is minimised. If the green wall is fitted with a tap water connection, it is fed lukewarm water via a timer-controlled solenoid valve. The pipe installation is equipped with a doser that automatically regulates the nutrient content of the water. Any excess water is directed to a drain through a collector positioned at the bottom of the plant panel.

What kind of spaces are InnoGreen’s green walls suitable for?

Our green walls can be placed indoors or outdoors, in almost any space. However, there are a few rules of thumb that are good to keep in mind. First, green walls are best suited for indoor spaces where the temperature is over 15 degrees celsius. InnoGreen has walls for both indoor and outdoor use, but an indoor green wall can also temporarily be placed outside.

Second, the size of the space should be taken into consideration when planning an indoor green wall. Plants release moisture into the air also at night, when the air conditioning is often turned off or on lower power. We don’t recommend placing the green wall directly next to an entrance because of the cold winter air possibly coming in from the door. Luckily, you don’t have to remember these rules yourself, since our skilled designers take each space’s characteristics into account in the planning phase.

Third, the lighting conditions of the space also need to be considered. But if you’re dreaming of a green wall in a darker space, don’t worry! We always light the green walls with LED plant lights, so they can flourish even with less light. The lighting also brings out the plant wall beautifully and emphasises the greenery of the space.

What kind of plants does InnoGreen use in their green walls?

We use real plants in our green walls - either living or stabilized plants. We gave up the sale of silk plants, i.e. plastic plants, on 1 January 2023 and replaced them with stabilized plants. The stabilized plants are preserved with glycerin and therefore maintenance-free. Walls made of stabilized plants are a good option when you want greenery on a high roof, for example, where it would be difficult to organize the maintenance of the plants safely.

We prefer to use more than one species of plants in our green walls, to help prevent the spreading of various plant diseases, among other things. The use of several species of plants also makes the wall more showy and adds dimension, and with different plants we can create different atmospheres. Some of our favourite plants for green walls include the heartleaf philodendron, the devil’s ivy, the mistletoe cactus and the monstera. As an additional service we can change the plants to blooming seasonal plants to bring variety and a new look for the space. Our selection of seasonal blooming plants include, for example, the flamingo flower, the moth orchid and the widow’s-thrill.

Why choose InnoGreen’s green wall?

Green walls add comfort and beauty to any space. InnoGreen’s green walls are produced domestically in Finland and provide a more sustainable option for green decor. In addition to their visual appeal, green walls have also been shown to have multiple positive effects on our overall well-being. For example, greenery helps us relax, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Green plants also make us more productive, and the sense of well-being is linked to being more creative, efficient and proactive.

By choosing InnoGreen’s green walls you also help protect the rainforests - for every square metre of green wall sold, we commit to conserving 1,000 square metres of rainforest, and the customer receives an official Certificate of Appreciation for this. By the end of 2022 we had already protected over 1,600,000 square metres of rainforest together with our clients.

How much do InnoGreen’s green walls cost?

The price of our green walls varies based on the selected solution and set-up. The price depends on factors such as the size of the wall, the selected watering system and possible lighting options. For example, a new, lighter green wall model that is 1,200 millimetres wide and 1,000 millimetres high costs approximately 2,300 euros + VAT. ​​The set-up includes a birch plywood frame and the necessary lighting.

With larger green walls, where the width and height are measured in metres rather than millimetres, the price is calculated according to the number of square metres. In these types of walls, the irrigation system is connected to the water pipes and the price is about 550-800 euros per square metre, depending on different factors.

InnoGreenin viherseinä, kauppakeskus Kaari, Kannelmäki.

When calculating the costs it is also good to keep in mind that living green walls require regular maintenance. We provide a health and well-being guarantee for our green walls if our maintenance service is used. Each maintenance visit includes watering the plants, checking the irrigation system, pruning the plants, possible pest control if necessary, and taking care of the nutrient balance of the plants. The price of the maintenance service starts at 100 euros per month (+ VAT) and with the service you can ensure your green wall flourishes.

You can also rent a green wall if you do not want to purchase one yourself. Leasing a green wall, or green wall as a service, is the most popular and easiest way to get a green wall. For example, our most affordable, board-like green wall as a service costs 174 euros per month ( + VAT).


Are you interested in green walls? Do you have any questions? Our salespeople are happy to help.

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