Green walls are undoubtedly our most popular product, and over the years, the range of our various green walls has expanded. Today, all our green walls are available as a flexible rental service so now is a good time to introduce all our models, from the smallest to the largest!

Greenery as a Service

Our green walls consist of modules, making them customizable for almost any space. We utilize real plants, moss, and stabilized plants in our green walls. All our green walls are available as part of our rental service. For the customer, this means carefree and easy maintenance without long-term commitments or significant upfront investments.

The service includes comprehensive planning, the green wall with its modules and plants, as well as maintenance and care for the agreed rental period. At the end of the season, the green wall modules are disassembled and stored. Since our green walls are available for rent, acquiring greenery is possible for shorter durations, such as for events or exhibitions.

Koivu Green Wall

The robust Koivu Green Wall is our latest addition, designed to roll wherever you desire. This double-sided green wall works excellently as a room divider or it can be mounted as wall decoration.

The product combines the timeless design of Koivu pots with our patented green wall technology. The Koivu Green Wall features a lightweight birch frame serving as a beautiful backdrop for the green plants. It can accommodate up to 48 plants and is watered safely with a sub-irrigation system. On one side of the green wall, you can also opt for a lush moss or lichen wall. Real plants need light to thrive, and for spaces with limited natural light, we provide suitable plant lights.

Koivu Green Wall dimensions: height 125 cm, width 125 cm, depth as a room divider 35 cm, and attached to the wall 25 cm. Wheel height: 17 cm.

Hand-watered Green Wall

Our lightest version of green walls, designed for hand-watering, is suitable for placement indoors. This version is stripped of technology, such as tanks and pumps, and the plants are hand-watered. Thus the wall remains a compact size and can be easily placed as a temporary solution at events. Due to its lighter structure, the costs are also lower. Our professional plant caretakers maintain these green walls every 2-3 weeks, and watering is part of their care routine.


innogreen green wall

InnoGreen Modular Green Wall

Perhaps one of our most familiar products is our “traditional” modular green wall, utilizing our patented green wall technology. The green wall structure is not fixed but consists of modules attached to the wall with aluminum rails. There is no need to protect attachment points or other structures, as the green wall has a closed water circulation system. The watering tubes in the modules ensure even water distribution to each module and every plant.

Modules can be stacked, placed side by side, or arranged on a frame in various shapes, such as letters. However, the typical green wall we implement is rectangular in shape.

We use only real plants in our green walls, preferably incorporating multiple plant species to prevent the spread of plant diseases. A wall composed of multiple species is also more visually appealing, and with the right choice of plants, a specific atmosphere can be created. The green wall can have a playful, dramatic, or calming appearance. It is also possible to integrate moss, stabilized plants, or a logo.

The green wall becomes a unique creation for each location, tailored to the customer’s preferences. Our plant caretakers regularly maintain the wall to keep it lush and vibrant. All you need to do is enjoy!

Large Green Walls

Our modular green wall can also be used to create massive structures, suitable for places like shopping centers. For example, at the Sello shopping center, the modular structure was used to build a green tower. In large installations where irrigation is more demanding, the irrigation system can be connected to the water supply network to ensure even the largest structures remain green year after year.

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Outdoor Green Walls

To liven up outdoor spaces, we have developed a seasonal plant wall consisting of modules. The seasonal green wall can be either wall-mounted or freestanding. The only difference from indoor green walls is that the seasonal green wall does not have a basin, making it more suitable for outdoor use.

The seasonal green wall can be filled with various plants according to preferences and needs. For example, we can use seasonal flowers to bring a splash of color to a courtyard or entrance. Or how about an herb garden as a plant wall? The seasonal green wall can also be more than just a summer ornament. We can create a year-round outdoor plant wall using evergreen plants, which can be brightened up with seasonal lights in winter. Only imagination is the limit for our seasonal plant solutions!

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