Green walls rising high, green columns or even installations are seen in more and more public spaces and offices. The green wall is a spectacular and, when well-maintained, unbeatable eye-catcher. We asked our interior decoration experts what it is about our green walls that delights people and what is currently expected of green walls.

1. Green walls should be customizable 

Thanks to the modular structure, our green wall fits into a wide range of spaces and shapes. Each wall is customized according to the customer’s wishes and the characteristics of the space. Our customers are often surprised by how many shapes and sizes our green wall construction comes in. It is often a positive surprise that even the wildest ideas are feasible.

“It goes without saying that we don’t make two identical green walls. After all, the spaces aren’t identical either. Each green wall we build is unique,” says Sami Vainionpää from InnoGreen’s sales team.

2. The green wall should reflect the company brand

The structure of our green wall allows you to connect a logo or other text element to the wall. In addition to giving plants the light they need, the green wall plant lights accentuate the shades of green. Many of our customers wish to have abundant green walls to reflect the company’s green values ​​and to add a sense of calm to the atmosphere.

We also use moss or lichen when constructing, for example, green entities for high spaces. Our premise is that the green wall is designed according to the space and its users, and when installed it should feel like a natural part of the space and atmosphere. We also make maintenance-free moss walls and installations.

3. Eye-catching abundance and versatility in plants

There are up to 26 plants in one square meter of our green wall. There can be as many as hundreds if not thousands of plants in one wall. Plant choices are made according to the customer’s wishes and the final wall is often dazzling, lush and three-dimensional. In addition to taking care of our customers ‘green wall plants, our professional caretakers also exchange plants according to season upon request. So, the wall can change and live with the seasons.

4. Sustainable green walls

As with all consumption, when buying green walls people are paying increasing attention to sustainability. Our modular green wall structure has been designed and manufactured in Finland and has been awarded the Key Flag symbol. It has been clear to us from the beginning that we want to make our green wall time-resistant and safe. The frames of our green walls have a long lifecycle and if someone wants to dispose of their green wall, we reuse the parts in the green wall frame in a new location. For example, plant beds made in Kaarina, Finland, have been 100% reused in the last 8 years. So, no parts are wasted.

Every green wall we build contributes to something good, as we protect 1,000 square meters of rainforest for every square meter of plant wall sold through the World Land Trust.

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