At InnoGreen, we believe in the power of plants to promote well-being and we want to make them available for every space. That’s why we designed a new, lighter green wall model that broadens the possibilities of our modular green wall.

Green plants are genuinely good for us, as evidenced by recent research. The doctoral dissertation research by Laura Soininen provided long-awaited results on the benefits of green walls. The study found indications that regular proximity to indoor green plants strengthens the human immune system.

In the study, office workers spent time near green walls during working hours for a period of two weeks, exposing themselves to plants through surfaces and indoor air. The effects were examined through skin samples and blood tests. Soininen explains in a news article by Yle that green walls diversified the protective skin microbiota of the workers’ immune system. In practice, this means that diverse microbial exposure helps the immune system differentiate between harmless and harmful microbes, thus avoiding unnecessary inflammatory reactions.

InnoGreen’s modular green wall according to your preferences

The green wall models used in the study did not have soil in them. In InnoGreen’s green walls, plants are planted in soilless Leca aggregate. As for the plants used in the walls, they included, for example, dracaenas, devil’s ivy, and bird’s nest ferns, which are also familiar sights in InnoGreen’s walls. Therefore, we welcomed the results of the study with joy, as they can be applied to our modular green walls.

At InnoGreen, we also aim to promote comfort through greenery. That’s why we wanted to further diversify our selection of plant walls, so that we can offer a wall that is suitable for each customer’s desired space.

Our modular green walls can adapt to almost anything - thanks to the modules, or building blocks, they can be stacked, placed side by side, or shaped into almost any form using a frame. InnoGreen is known for having the most versatile green walls on the market, in terms of size, shape, and plant variety. Each plant wall square contains up to 40 real plants. Whether the green wall serves as a room divider, a visual focal point, or an acoustic element, it promotes comfort and well-being, as proven by research.

Our newest model is built from the same modules as our other walls, but it celebrates simplicity. The green wall has been stripped of technology such as tanks, pumps, and other systems, and the plants are manually watered. Our skilled plant maintenance personnel take care of our green walls every 2-3 weeks, and the same principle applies to watering the plants.

The new green wall model is not only lighter in structure but also more cost-effective. This allows us to offer even more versatile green walls to our clients. The simpler structure enables the use of green walls in new ways - for example, they can be hung on the wall like a painting because without a water tank, they are light enough, and without pipes the installation is more straightforward. At the same time, mounting on the wall brings entirely new possibilities for creating green implementations.


Are you interested in our lighter green walls? You can read more about green walls here or feel free to ask our sales team for more information, and they will be happy to help you choose the right kind of green wall.

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