The designing of the big conference rooms in the Helsinki Hall of Culture, designed by Alvar Aalto, was began with a clear need: the big spaces were in need of better acoustics and a new look. Aalto himself was passionate about nature and plants. Moss, which is natural and easy to maintain, was chosen to improve the acoustics.

We call our stabilised walls scenery walls, because they are naturally eye-catching and versatile. Moss can be bent into practically any shape on a floor, a wall, a ceiling or furniture. The chosen surface materials, like twigs and stones, highlight the visual impact. This time around many small pieces of moss artwork were added to the light walls of the Hall of Culture.

Vihersisustus: Sammalseinä (maisemaseinä) / InnoGreen, Kulttuuritalo

Every piece of moss artwork is hooked on to a painting rail. The rail goes around the whole room, making it possible to move the moss art from once place and space to another. The green decor is basically completely adaptable. The pieces of artwork also fit beautifully together, creating one big scenery wall.

Vihersisustus: Sammalseinä (maisemaseinä) / InnoGreen, Kulttuuritalo

The result is playful and inspiring. A natural, acoustics-improving and adaptable moss wall was perfect for the needs of the Helsinki Hall of Culture. As a finishing touch, a wave-shaped part was created with moss to honour the history of the building.

Vihersisustus: Sammalseinä (maisemaseinä) / InnoGreen, Kulttuuritalo

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Space: The Helsinki Hall of Culture, Helsinki

Design and green decor: InnoGreen