Eye-catching green walls are built in Finland and elsewhere in Europe in an increasing number of public places and private residences. Green walls surprise and delight people using the space time after time. In small places, it’s possible to enjoy greenery without wasting floor space. But what does one have to take into account before installing a green wall?

Indoors or outdoors?

Green walls thrive indoors, where the temperature remains abovve 15 degrees. For temporary events it is also possible to build green walls outdoors. In such cases the plants flourish from a few days up to a week.

When deciding the size of a green wall, you have to account for the size of an indoor space. Plants release humidity into the indoor air even at night when the air conditioning is often turned off or at least set to a lower level. We don’t recommend placing a green wall right next to an outside door because of the cold winter air.

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Squares, letters and environment artworks

A green wall can be made in almost any shape you want. The most typical green wall we execute is rectangular and made with living plants. At times, the space or requirements can be something completely different.

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Our green wall structure is not fixed and consists of modules. These modules can be stacked, placed next to each other or installed onto a metal structure to form a certain shape, such as an airplane. Green walls are often mounted onto a wall, hence the name, but thanks to its adaptable structure, the wall itself can be an independent movable element. Put a wall on wheels and it becomes, for example, a space divider - with greenery on each side, of course.

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We call our stabilised moss and lichen walls scenery walls. Any shape of base can be cut beneath the plant structure which makes it possible to create green letters or a world map, for example, on the wall. Laser cutting for more challenging bases is carried out by our partner MOoCB Concept.

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Our third green wall innovation, a wall made out of silk plants, is for more challenging conditions. The plants look real and bring freshness and verdancy into a space without the need for watering.

Who waters the wall and how?

After years of development our green walls are both eco-friendly and safe. There’s no risk of water damage. For the biggest walls we recommend a conduit connection as a water source and we also recommend drainage. The requirement for a conduit connction is an outlet of warm water and a drain near to the green wall. The wall does not require electricity.

The smaller walls are watered with watering pools that repeatedly circulate water for the plants to use - this way there’s no wasted water. Green walls using watering pools require a standard power plug nearby.

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Greenery flourishes with lighting

We always illumintae green walls with LED plant lights, which means a wall can also be placed somewhere where there is no daylight. The lights are usually attached to the ceiling with railings, but they can also be integrated directly into the structure of a green wall. The lights are scheduled to work for around 12 hours daily.

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