The lobby of an office building in Porkkalankatu, Helsinki, needed a facelift. Hundreds of people pass through the space daily and the slightly drooping plants weren’t exactly improving the busy mood.

We wanted to challenge the perception of a lobby only being a thoroughfare. We created a nature-inspired space, where people could stop, relax, and take in the surroundings rather than simply passing through. It is becoming increasingly common to create small, nature-inspired spaces in offices.

Before the nature-inspired space

“The idea was to bring nature indoors and to create a space where you could stop and calm down for a moment,” explains green decorator Kirsi Hänninen. “You can draw more energy from this green space for efficient and long workdays.”

Plants, moss, stone, water and wood. Greenery is not just about plants in pots. In Porkkalankatu, we created a whole world of its own to offer employees a chance to enjoy nature during their workdays.

The new nature-inspired space in the lobby

Vihersisustus, viherseinä, kasviseinä, sammalseinä InnoGreen

When it’s a busy workday you don’t have time to leave the office in the middle of the day and even if you did, it’s difficult to find nature close by in the city. Building a nature-inspired space in the office makes it possible to spend coffee breaks surrounded by nature, sitting on a rock, listening to the sounds of nature for example. The presence of nature also charges one’s batteries and livens up the office.

Vihersisustus, InnoGreen Vihersisustus, InnoGreen Vihersisustus, InnoGreen, kasviseinä, viherseinä, maisemaseinä, sammalseinä sammalseinä, maisemaseinä, vihersisustus

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