It is easy to forget how many things affect an employee’s productivity and job satisfaction. Wages are an obvious factor, but there are a lot of other things too; for example, the physical working environment and how tidy it is, the temperature changes in the office, and the attitude of the management and other employees.

Nothing takes an employee to the edge of being stressed like a stuffy and messy office that is always too cold or too hot.

A tidy, well thought-out and functional office maintains peace and strengthens unity. At the same time, productivity and satisfaction are increased. Changes like these often require small investments in the office.

Fix your office with small changes

Comfort and tidiness

Working in an untidy office - in the worst-case scenario, a storage room of old documents and office supplies - is frustrating and disheartening. Unsuitable tools and workstations also play a part in lowering the ambition and productivity of employees.

It is good to make sure the office has enough, but not too much, storage space and cabinets to easily hide odds and ends. Also make sure there are enough recycling stations in the office so it’s easy to get rid of used things. It’s also possible to pick a volunteer employee to take care of recycling unused and old things and documents before they clog up the workstations.

It’s also good to go through all the office furniture - ask the employees if there’s anything essential missing from their workstations. Make sure employees’ working positions are ergonomic and that everyone has the opportunity for the best possible working position. Get rid of old and broken chairs. If you wouldn’t sit on it at home, why would you sit on it every day at work?

Vihersisustus: Kasviseinä / InnoGreen

Sounds in the office are normal - but noise isn’t

Open-plan offices have been a hot topic of conversation - is the background noise good or bad? Although steady and even background noise can increase productivity and creativity, loud and surprising sounds are disruptive and make it more difficult to concentrate on work.

Whether your office is an open-plan one or not, it is good to pay attention to the noise level. Make sure meetings take place in closed spaces and the kitchen or breakroom isn’t close to the workstations. If possible, it’s also good to make sure your employees have the chance to work in a quiet place when doing something that requires particular focus. In an open-plan office, space can be divided with decorative elements that reduce noise and make the space more comfortable.