Green plants and an eye-catching green wall are pleasant to look at and explore. Investing in green interior décor says more about your business than you might have thought. Have you ever considered that…

Greenery is caring

Green decor affects well-being at work. Plants reduce stress, and support concentration and efficiency at work. The connection with nature helps people recover, which is why it is important to have plenty of greenery in the work environment. Greenery not only makes the space more comfortable, but as it also affects well-being it actually reduces the number of sick leaves. If well-being at work and the recovery of employees are important values in your company, remember to have an abundance of greenery in your offices.

Greenery supports work and a sense of community

Green interiors can be used to divide spaces and reduce office noise. For example, a green wall with wheels is an excellent divider that can always be moved to where peace is needed. Moss panels are like beautiful paintings that work like acoustic panels.

The green interior, designed together with the staff, commits the whole company. Could your company’s roof terrace have a common herbal wall that employees could take care of while enjoying the revitalizing power of nature?

Greenery is a way to protect nature

The abundant use of green plants is not just a sign that a company cares about its employees. It also shows appreciation for nature and the environment. Choose a responsible company as a green interior design partner that knows where the plants come from and how they should be taken care of. A well-designed and professionally maintained green interior is long-lasting and delights employees and customers year after year. Plants are not disposable!

We strive to support the well-being of thousands of people through nature, and in addition we feel it is crucial to protect unique nature. That’s why we protect 1,000 square meters of rainforest for every square meter of plant wall sold through the World Land Trust. The first million square meters of rainforest protected was achieved in 2018 and we are already moving fast towards the second million. Join us in protecting the world’s forests!

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