A green wall looks stunning, and studies show that a green wall makes a space more comfortable. Green decoration can also be used as a functional part of the space in different ways. We have gathered five creative and functional ways to use a green wall below.

An excellent space divider

A green wall doesn’t have to be placed against a wall. It can also work as a space divider or a visual barrier. Greenery can, of course, be placed on both sides of the wall.

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A space-dividing green wall can also be equipped with wheels to make it movable according to day-to-day needs for space.

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Send a brand message

Thanks to its modular structure, InnoGreen’s green wall can be fashioned into any shape. With the help of blooming flowers, colourful patterns can be created into a green wall. Green is not only a beautiful colour, it also sends out a message of your company’s values. Our green wall is an ecological way to tend to the comfort of your employees.

Pihasuunnittelu: Case Flow Festival / InnoGreen

Our landscape walls are made of lichen and moss, and they can also be arranged into definite shapes. Any base shape can be cut beneath the plant structure, which makes it possible to use moss to draw, for example, a world map on the wall. Laser cutting for more challenging bases is carried out by our partner MOoCB Concept.

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Greenery brings dull surfaces to life

Large and high spaces are difficult to make cosy even with large Yucca palm trees, but a space with a green wall is never gloomy. Even a column is less of an eyesore when it’s lined with greenery, like moss. In the form of a green wall, green decoration can spread from the floor to the walls, and even all the way up to the ceiling. In Äripäev’s new editorial office space, moss and greenery gave a function to old concrete columns. In Peab’s spaces, visitors’ and employees’ attention is drawn to the ceiling, as a moss wall was integrated into a part of the ceiling and the lighting.

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Green decoration improves acoustics

The acoustics in lobbies and conference rooms can be improved with greenery, like a green wall or a moss wall. Movable acoustic elements can be created with moss. Greenery can lower sound levels by up to 5 decibels.*

Vihersisustus: Sammalseinä (maisemaseinä) / InnoGreen, Kulttuuritalo

A green wall as a part of controlling urban runoff

A green wall can also be built outside, as long as the greenery is carefully chosen to fit the environment. A property’s urban runoff can be directed for use in a green wall. A structure to store and recycle rainwater for up to weeks is added into a green wall. The need to water the plants and release the runoff lowers, and less of a burden is placed on the sewer system. A green wall is eye-catching both indoors and outdoors, and can be modified with flowers. We call this rainwater-utilising gardening solution a rain garden.

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*Source: Russell Helen, Oxford, Uzzell David, University of Surrey

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