The original modular green wall of ours came to be in the year 2010. The story of our green wall began when one of our founders and partner Mikko Sonninen visioned that everyone should be able to enjoy a rainforest like lushness and greenery every single day. The demo used to introduce the modular green wall won at the Summer of Start Ups competition in 2010. After that Jaakko Pesonen and Oula Harjula teamed up with Mikko to further develop the green wall. With investors, the trio was able to create a product that is both functional and ecological. Behind all the tough work was the deep passion to bring people back closer to nature. 

innogreen messu
Co-founders showcasing a green wall at Habitare in 2011.

Almost ten years later the green wall has taken great developmental leaps forward but the core idea and setting still remain. The green wall is still ecological, modular, has a great amount of greenery and is versatile. During the continuous product development we have aimed to simplify the functions and structure of the wall and make it more energy efficient.

“We have further developed the module part of the wall so that the depth is smaller which in turn enables the wall to be used as a double sided interior design element. In addition, the self standing structure allows the wall to be placed virtually anywhere.”, Mikko Sonninen describes. “There are less parts that can be worn out and we have taken into account the possibility of mass production in our new design.”

The modular green wall has already been adapted to hundreds of spaces and events.

The ecologicality and energy efficiency of the green wall can be seen in many ways. A water pump irrigates the plants in the wall in a closed water circuit 1-2 times a week and uses only the amount of water really needed by the plants. Lighting for the plants is handled by using energy efficient LED lights. The plants for the green wall are especially carefully chosen. The aim is not only to make a lush and amazing green wall but also to create an entity where the plants feel well and thrive. 

One of the greatest advantages of our green wall is its longevity. We provide long term and professional maintenance that ensures the long life of the green wall and the scarce need to change the wall plants. The most common type of green wall that we provide for our customers is made out of real living plants and rectangular in shape. From time to time our customers prefer something totally else. The modular structure of the wall ensures that we can design you a wall of any shape. The structure is only but a part of the whole green wall project, the key to having a great and showy green wall is the careful selection of the plants. 

The atmosphere and 3D-effect can be defined with the plants. By combining trendy moss wall and green wall we can create even the wildest walls. 

MTK innogreen viherseinä sammalseinä