A carelessly implemented green interior can be surprisingly costly if the plants do not thrive in the space, the pots are not waterproof, there are too many or too few plants in relation to the space, or the green interior does not improve the feel of the space as desired. Just as a house is not built without an architect, no high-quality green interior is created without a professional in greenery. If you want a sustainable and sensibly implemented green interior, it is wise to start with a green design plan.

When you order a green decor design from InnoGreen, you receive support for your vision, new ideas and a comprehensive plan for implementing the green interior. Green planning includes an initial mapping, a draft proposal, a final implementation plan and a work chart with illustrations. Based on a comprehensive plan, you can receive an accurate cost calculation for the implementation of the green interior design.

Architects and builders will also benefit from a thorough green design plan. When green interior design is taken into account at the beginning of the project and the space is designed together with architects, interior designers and builders, it is possible to create an impressive green decor perfectly suited to the space. 

During the initial mapping we review the facilities and client’s wishes and based on the mapping we outline suggestions on how to improve the comfort of the facilities. Our designer gets acquainted with the conditions of the premises, measures the necessary dimensions, and tells you about the possibilities of green interior design. The design is also guided by the budget available for the green interior.

Choices that fit the brand

Creative ideas along with the conditions in the space guide the design process. For example, architecture, furniture and material choices, and the amount and direction of light affect a green designer’s development ideas. The company’s brand and values ​​are also vital, but above all we listen to the client’s wishes and visions and come up with ways to implement them.

The work chart shows the areas of implementation including product information. Each of our proposals is carefully tailored to your needs. The various stages of implementation include solutions to be implemented immediately and measures and additions to be considered in the future. We always strive to offer the most ecological solutions possible, which enable you to enjoy the green interior for years to come.

A green design plan also includes illustrations that make it easier to share ideas and information and to perceive the final whole. The plan is finalized with a product list with pictures. Based on the plan and the product list, an exact cost calculation can be made for the implementation and maintenance of the green interior.


A green design plan includes:

  • Recommendations for plant selection taking into account the space, care and maintenance 
  • Plant placement: use of space, brand, ecology and comfort
  • Choosing the right kind of green wall for the space
  • Suitable pots for the green plants, considering factors as right size, safety and suitability for the space
  • Implementation plan, work chart and, if necessary, drawings for custom-made solutions
  • In addition, you get new ideas as well as support for your visions


We design green interiors and personalized solutions for business premises, stores, trade fairs and other places needing greenery, with several years of experience.

Contact us for more information: myynti@innogreen.fi


Cover photo Wellu Hämäläinen.