We are delighted to have received the chance to create the green decor for Bar Cón in the new Kortteli restaurant area in the Kamppi shopping centre. Bar Cón is a lively and authentic Spanish tapas bar, which “floats” on a raft above the shopping centre.

“The client wanted an overall green look for the restaurant. The architect had planned some verdancy that was added according to the client’s wishes. The execution of the space is a successful ensemble of natural materials and naturalness, beautifully highlighted by the plants. We used a lot of vines and clay pots,” explains our green decorator, Anni-Maija Akkanen.

InnoGreen - vihersisustus, Bar Cón, Kampin kortteli

Yet it can be challenging to create an atmospheric space in a shopping centre. “We wanted our restaurant to bring an oasis to Kamppi, a place where people feel comfortable. We ended up investing in green decoration to achieve a down-to-earth environment,” says Anders Westerholm, a stakeholder in We Are Group Oy, which runs Kortteli’s restaurant operations. “We’ve received a lot of positive comments about how the atmosphere in the space is a pleasant surprise.  We think green decor plays a large role in this.”

InnoGreen - vihersisustus, Bar Cón, Kampin kortteli

Anni-Maija’s favourite detail in Bar Cón are the big hanging baskets especially designed for Bar Cón. “These were made for the restautant in collaboration between a metal workshop and a carpenter. An interesting and defferent detail in green decor.”

Photos by Mikko Ryhänen.

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