People are happy to run errands in a comfortable space, even if it’s just a quick stop. An enjoyable shop, office or restaurant is an important part of the shopping experience. A well-managed space creates positive feelings and meaningful and memorable experiences that factor into creating lasting customer relations.

A comfortable space can be viewed as a part of good customer service - you want to create positive experiences for the customer throughout the service relationship. When people enjoy your business premises, they stay for longer and it becomes easier for them to buy your products.

Kasviseinä, viherseinä, InnoGreen vihersisustus

The customer experience should be seen as an overall experience, all the way from marketing to using the product or service and visiting your premises. At the front door, the yard alone has an influence on the way your business is viewed. Thriving heaps of weeds conflict with a well-designed and harmonious interior. What if there was a verdant lobby like this greeting the customers coming in?

Support your sales by designing your space with care. Direct, surprise, evoke emotions, and create trust.

The shop environment affects sales and builds lasting customer relationships. The purchasing environment influences the buyer’s thought processes, for example, when processing information and perception. These processes play a big role when an experience of the shop or premises, service and products is created in the mind of the customer. The experience affects purchasing behaviour in the moment, and the impression of the shop can have an impact on the buyer’s choice of shop or shopping area to visit regularly.

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Think about the way the customers and the staff move around the space. What is the intended use of the space? What kind of people use the space? What sort of situations is the space being used in? Finally, what kind of atmosphere do you want to create into the space?

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Remember these when designing a space:

  1. Place the furniture functionally. The customer should be able to reach the check-out easily, examine products effortlessly, and find the toilet. You can direct the way customers move in your premises through
  2. Use interior design to influence the atmosphere and activities. You can also tell your company’s story with different materials.
  3. Light and shades affect the way products, food or even people are viewed. Utilise natural light as much as possible.
  4. Greenery completes the atmosphere. Also consider pots and the functionality of the greenery. Different plants can communicate your company’s modernity or traditionalism. Let nature speak for you.
  5. Don’t be afraid to turn to an expert.

InnoGreenin kasviseinä, Kauppakeskus Kaari, Kannelmäki
InnoGreen’s green wall, Kaari, Kannelmäki, Helsinki.

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