You must have heard about the customer experience, but are you familiar with the employee experience?

The customer experience is fairly simple to understand - it is the quality of the service experienced by the customer at different points of contact combined with the quality of the product. The customer will have a general view of the buying process they went through and this is known as the customer experince.

To offer better customer experiences for their customers, many companies have turned their focus to the employees. Without happy and healthy staff, it is very difficult to offer positive customer experiences. It’s not natural for anyone to smile and provide good service when everything irritates them.

In general, the employee experience lasts through the entire employment cycle all the way from applying for the job until the end of the employment. Everything that happens between these two points affects the employee experience. It is remarkable how employee turnover decreases when employees are looked after.

The employee experience matters

Decades ago, no-one was interested in the wellbeing of an employee - employers had all the power. The employer dictated what work to do and the desired results without any consequences. If the employer couldn’t manage the tasks they were coldly replaced.

Companies couldn’t see that including and inspiring employees achieves a better result. After comprehensive studies and increased appreciation of employees, the situation has started to turn upside-down.

Since power is rapidly shifting from employers to employees, and because the competition for the right know-how is fiercer than ever before, employers must come up with new ways to lure in talent. In this battle of companies, employer image is worth a lot.