For plant enthusiasts like us, a pot in the corner of the office simply isn’t enough. We wanted to bring a touch of exoticism and rainforest diversity to the chilly Nordic environment. Thus the plant terrarium was born. It brings a piece of the mystic of the Amazon into every interior in a convenient package.

Built in a glass terrarium, the system mimics tropical or subtropical conditions, enabling many exotic plants, like several delicate orchids and rare mosses, to thrive in homes or workplaces.

The first tearrariums were seen back in 1842. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, an English doctor and plantenthusiast is considered the father of this invention, hence the name “Wardian case”.

InnoGreen - vihersisustus, kasviterraario InnoGreen - vihersisustus, kasviterraario, lähikuva2

Our plant terrarium is suitable for any room-temperature space. It requires only a power plug and occasional watering and pruning. The system features LED lights and automatic spraying and filtering systems. Also, plant terrariums are always customised and can be created in any size and shape.

InnoGreen - vihersisustus / kasviterraario ja Mikko SonninenInnoGreen’s plant terrarium and one of its fathers, Mikko Sonninen.

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