We humans already have an intuitive understanding of the importance of nature - especially in Finland, where cities are mainly close to nature. On a global scale, Finland is a sparsely populated area, as many of us appreciate reaching nature directly from our own backyard.

Nature experiences are familiar and important to us. Nature is often associated with vitality and well-being, and that is no coincidence. Nature has enormous positive effects on our physical and mental well-being. Even a brief moment in nature, breathing fresh air, can be enough to calm your mind significantly. Thus, it is natural that we seek closeness to nature. Spending time in nature improves the mood and, among other things, lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, reduces stress, and supports recovery and the ability to concentrate. Nature experiences can therefore make you feel healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically. Simply put, nature experience does us good.

Nature experience is important during the working day as well

In order to also have nature experiences during the work week, it would be optimal to have the opportunity to go for a brief walk in nature during the working day. When working from home this might be easier to accomplish. As the world opens up, people will start moving back to office work. If the office is in the hustle and bustle of a city, the trip to the nearest forest or park may be too long. In that case, the green interior of the office and business premises plays a major role in terms of nature experience, as the green decor of the interior, and the plants have an impact on the experience of well-being.

vihersisustus taukotila kasvit
Companies’ terraces, balconies and courtyards are growing in popularity as break spaces. They are easily transformed into restorative environments in close contact with nature.

Green decor is not just about plants. Green decor can be playful, reflect the customer’s brand and company values, and even vary according to season. A well-designed and expertly implemented green interior supports the functions of the space and reflects its users. It is possible to add moss elements, forest features or even nature soundtracks, for example the sound of water lapping. This creates a holistic nature experience even indoors.

vihersisustus toimitila innogreen
Here’s an example of how to create a nature experience with forest elements indoors!

The connection to nature and the green around you soothes the mind as you look at your surroundings and move your focus away from the display for a moment. Even momentarily moving your focus to nature and greenery can help recover from feelings of stress and being busy. Recovering during the workday is important in helping to cope both at work and in your free time. Nature experience at work also increases comfort and makes returning to the office smoother.

At InnoGreen, we are experts in nature, and we want to bring the nature experience into everyday life in a more holistic way. We create green solutions for both business premises and private homes. How would you like to bring nature experiences into your everyday life?