In garden and landscape design, our job at InnoGreen is to find solutions to your challenges and build the yard from start to finish according to your wishes. You can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful result.

A yard that is constructed in a sensible and safe way brings joy for a long time. We want to build functional and safe yards that suit the people using them and are as natural as possible. In addition, a well-designed yard is easy to maintain and long-lasting. Our special expertise includes the design and construction of natural yards, meadows and outdoor green walls.

We help with everything from planning to clarifying wishes

The yard should fit the people using it. The planning starts with a yard visit, where we get to know the yard and its users, go through the wishes related to the yard, and make the necessary measurements. Sometimes the wishes and needs are not completely clear, which is why we help with planning and ideas for the future yard. The planning may start with a single wish, such as a canopy or a water element, from which we go on to plan the whole yard.

There can be different areas for different uses in the yard, reserved for relaxing, for activity, for spending time together or even for remote working. Whatever you need from your outdoor space, we have a solution for you. In addition to designing by area, we consider, among other things, materials, plant choices, passage guidance, yard care and maintenance, and lighting in yard design. We design your yard to be safe and comfortable year-round, as well as easy to take care of and maintain.


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