We want to create innovative solutions for all greenery needs. That’s why we are always developing new solutions and products that you can only find from InnoGreen.

Perhaps you have seen one of our green stops, bringing greenery into any urban space? How about our beautiful outdoor green walls? We provide solutions for urban greenery to bring nature closer for everyone. So if you are looking for something special, turn to our unique solutions. Our service-based model provides greenery where and when it suits you best.

Green stop by InnoGreen – effortless greenery for urban environments

Our green stops bring greenery into urban areas. Each green stop can be customised according to your wishes and built anywhere. Above all, our green stops are effortless: our service includes building and maintenance of the green stop, as well as storing it for the winter.

The green stop was born out of a desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity and where all residents can enjoy the greenery. In an urban environment the green stop provides a touch of nature, a communal feeling, and something nice to do.

A green stop can provide comfort and shelter in big open squares or create much-needed greenery and activity to small courtyards. It can also be placed indoors, where it can be used as a waiting area, for example. The green stop is a fast, park-like solution that requires no foundation or expensive remodelling. It is designed to be placed in an urban environment on an already built surface, such as concrete or paving. That means it is also simple to move around if necessary.

Modular design can fulfill all the wishes

Thanks to its modular design, our green stops can be customised according to their use and users. Would you like to have benches for lounging around on warm summer days, or maybe a herb garden? Natural plant choices attract butterflies and pollinators, and the residents can watch the hustle and bustle of bees and other insects. The green stop lets the light through and looks fresh and appealing even when there are plenty of plants. Our experts will help you choose the right size and location for the green stop.

Once the modules, functionalities and plants for the green stop have been selected, we build the stop on site from start to finish. We help with the maintenance of the green stop, and we also change seasonal plants according to your wishes. When winter comes, we take apart the green stop and take the elements to a dry winter storage to wait for the next season. All you need to do is enjoy the atmosphere of being close to nature. Let’s plan together which elements would make the green stop the perfect haven for you. You can rent a green stop one season at a time if you like, and it is always possible to change the design with something new and surprising for the next season.

InnoGreen outdoor green walls – a flourishing solutions for outdoor spaces

Do you like our green walls? Did you know that you can also have a green wall outdoors? InnoGreen’s modular green walls can also be placed outdoors for your delight. The seasonal green walls can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. Outdoor green walls are built from the same modules as the green walls indoors. The only difference is that the water basin has been removed from the wall so it is more suitable for outdoor use.

Our classic brightens up the yard

Like our green stops, a seasonal green wall is a rather effortless way to boost your outdoor space. Our green walls are a turnkey solution – we take care of construction, maintenance and storage for the winter, if necessary. All you need to do is enjoy the greenery provided by the green wall throughout the season thanks to our care and maintenance visits.

Different plants can be used for the green wall according to your needs and wishes. We can, for example, use flowering plants to make the space more attractive. Or how about a herb garden on the wall of your building? That is also a possibility with our outdoor green walls. A seasonal green wall does not have to be a joy only for the summer season, either. We can build all-year plant walls outside for example with conifers, and they can be brightened up with seasonal lights during the darker seasons. The only limit with our green walls is imagination!

Finnish production from InnoGreen

Both our green stops and our seasonal green walls are made in Finland. By choosing InnoGreen, you support Finnish production. The components of our green stops are manufactured in a workshop in Nastola, Lahti, from Finnish wood. The green wall modules in turn are manufactured in Kaarina. Also, our service-based model offers an excellent and effortless alternative to owning your green structures.

green stop


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