Well-maintained outdoor spaces can increase your property’s curb appeal. That’s why regular yard maintenance and renovation helps maintain the value of the property in addition to adding comfort. InnoGreen does maintenance work for outdoor areas of private homes, housing associations and for companies and communities.

Maintaining your yard regularly is a cost-effective way to keep it comfortable and safe. We maintain and renovate yards on a one-time basis and with year-round maintenance contracts. The yearly contract is effortless, and it makes predicting and managing costs easier. Your yard is maintained by a familiar professional who knows the space and takes seasonal changes into account. You receive a maintenance report from each visit, detailing the tasks that have been done. This way you are always up to date with what is happening in your yard and get information about possible renovation needs in time.

All the plants in the yard are properly cared for by our experts, so your outdoor spaces remain neat, green and flourishing.

Sometimes maintenance requires renovation

At InnoGreen we can also help you with renovating and repairing your yard. If the yard has not been maintained by us before, we start with an inspection and create a proposal for basic repair and maintenance. During a basic repair, the yard is not changed, but returned to its former glory. Additionally, the yard can also be renovated according to the customer’s wishes.

The expertise of professionals can be seen in all yards maintained by InnoGreen. A well-kept yard can is appreciated by residents, neighbours, customers and passers-by. If your yard needs maintenance, our sales team will help you get started.


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Green noise barrier experiment


Noise is a real nuisance in many cities. That’s why InnoGreen is participating in a trial with the City of Helsinki to find new, better, and greener solutions to tackle noise pollution. In the summer of 2023, we are fighting against noise with a green noise barrier at Erottaja Square.

Service as Greenery – Effortless Refreshment for Urban Environment


InnoGreen’s green stop brings greenery to city centres. The stop can be customized according to preferences, and it can be built anywhere. However, the greatest advantage of a green stop is how effortless it is - we offer the green stop as a service, taking care of its construction, maintenance, and winter storage. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The green stop brings greenery and a communal feeling


The green stop is an entirely domestic innovation by InnoGreen. The green stop was born out of a desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity, and where all residents can enjoy the greenery. Located in an urban environment, the green stop offers a touch of nature, a communal feeling, and something nice to do - all wrapped up in one. All parts of the green stop are made of Finnish wood in Finland.


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