InnoGreen is developing unique solutions for greener future cities. Urban greenery refers to all the green elements within cities. Through InnoGreen’s innovations, such as the green stop, greenery can be introduced to new locations and built environments, instead of being limited to just parks.

Greenery brings comfort and beauty to cities, delighting not only the residents but also visitors to the city. However, the appeal of urban greenery goes beyond aesthetics.

In the future, cities will need to address the consequences of climate change (Yle, 2023*). Many cities have already become aware of the risks posed by floods and heatwaves and the challenges they bring. Urban greenery may be a potential solution to these risks or, at the very least, it can help mitigate their negative effects.

By building green areas within cities, it’s possible to impact factors such as stormwater management, temperatures, biodiversity, and even noise pollution. InnoGreen is contributing to these positive effects through various projects and concepts, including green stops, green walls, and a new noise barrier experiment.

Green stop bring greenery into built environments

Greenery can be a solution to many future challenges. But how to introduce greenery to already built surfaces such as asphalt or concrete-covered areas? InnoGreen’s green stop is a modular green solution that can bring greenery virtually anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, from city centres to suburbs.

The green stop is designed to be placed in urban environments on already built surfaces, so there is no need for expensive foundations or modifications. Since it is originally intended for hard surfaces, the green stop is easy to relocate and move. This makes it suitable for both year-round use and as a short-term green solution. In the summer of 2023, our green stops delighted festival goers in Suvilahti, Helsinki and Tapiola, Espoo.

A green stop can provide comfort and shelter in big open squares or bring much-needed greenery and activity to small courtyards. It can also be placed indoors, where it can be used as a waiting area in a lobby, for example.

Thanks to its modular design, our green stops can be customised with different plants and functionalities according to their use and users. The green stop lets the light through and looks fresh and appealing even when there are plenty of plants.

Outdoor green walls shine with seasonal colours

Did you know that our green walls are also suitable for outdoor spaces? InnoGreen’s modular green wall is typically seen indoors, but it seamlessly blends into outdoor environments as well. An outdoor green wall made from seasonal plants can be either wall-mounted or freestanding. It consists of the same modules as all of InnoGreen’s green walls, the only difference being that the outdoor green walls don’t have a water basin to make them better suited for outdoor use.

Various plants can be used in outdoor green walls according to preferences and needs. For instance, inner courtyards and entrances can be adorned with colourful and blooming seasonal plants. On the other hand, a green wall doesn’t just have to be a summer delight; it can be designed for year-round use, for example by incorporating evergreen plants.

Greenery as a service

InnoGreen offers turnkey solutions for urban greenery, providing a full-service package. That means both the green stop and the outdoor green wall can be acquired as a service. The components are selected according to the customer’s preferences, and InnoGreen builds the product from start to finish. Additionally, InnoGreen takes care of maintenance throughout the season, and as the season approaches its end, they can also arrange for winter storage if necessary. Rental options are even available for one season at a time.

Both the green stops and outdoor green walls are manufactured in Finland. By choosing InnoGreen, you are supporting Finnish labour. The components of the green stop are handcrafted from Finnish wood in Southern Finland. The modules for the green wall, on the other hand, are manufactured in Kaarina, Finland.

Urban green development

InnoGreen is continually developing better green solutions for urban greenery. In the summer of 2023, InnoGreen participated in a trial conducted by the City of Helsinki to explore the potential of green structures in reducing noise pollution. In collaboration with Parkly and WSP, a green structure was constructed in the heart of Helsinki at Erottajanaukio, which served as a noise barrier. Temperature levels and the movements of pollinators were also studied during the trial. In addition, the noise barrier provided a pleasant gathering space for city residents. You can read more about the City of Helsinki’s trial behind this link: 

*Read the article here:

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