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Are you dreaming about a career in the greenery business? We employ more than 40 professionals in our three offices in Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere. In addition to permanent employees, our team includes seasonal workers as well as trainees in the early stages of their careers.

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What is it like working with us? Let your future colleagues tell you!

KUKKA, Plant caretaker

6 years at InnoGreen

“InnoGreen is definitely the best place I’ve worked. I feel valued and listened to. Great co-workers and a warm team spirit help me during busy times. In plant care, I get to use my problem-solving skills on a daily basis and experience feelings of success. It is really rewarding to see how, after a long period of hard work and many rescue efforts, plants that were on the verge of withering flourish again and grow new shoots.”

KRISTINA, Yard maintenance manager

3 years at InnoGreen

“I enjoy that my work is varied and multifaceted - the days can include everything from planning planting to ordering and plant care as well as yard maintenance. I’m able to influence my own work and to act independently. My favorite task is seasonal plant design, where I get to use my creativity and apply my years of experience in the gardening industry. InnoGreen is an encouraging employer, and we have a wonderful team spirit.”

TEIJO, Warehouse technician

4 years at InnoGreen

“I started studying greenery in 1998 and I was immediately fascinated by the plants’ soul life. The psychological effect of plants on people is undeniable - we feel more relaxed when surrounded by greenery, whether it is at work, at home, in the woods or even in the mall. The best thing about working as a warehouse technician and installer is the versatility of the work. Every work week is different - hectic and mobile work is balanced by the days spent in our greenhouse, when I get to focus on planting and other preparatory work.”

KIRSI, Green interior designer

9 years at InnoGreen

“My work is fast-paced and varied - it includes appropriate measures of creative brainstorming and routine work. I experience a great sense of success when I get customers excited about green decor and they realize how big an impact plants have on the space. The most rewarding part of my job is working with clients, co-workers and partners - the best ideas are born in a group and the result is always better than when working alone.”

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