InnoGreen’s story

It all began with a young man who loved frogs. The frogs in turn loved green walls, and in those walls lay the future.

Mikko Sonninen, who had a passion for tropical plants and arrow poison frogs, took his first step towards the business world when participating in The Summer of Startups innovation competition in 2010 with his “modular green wall” idea. Although Mikko had no idea what “pitching” to the jury meant, the green wall received an honorary mention in the competition.

To develop the green wall further, a team was needed. Thus, Mikko’s friend Jaakko Pesonen, who loved a challenge, stepped into the picture. In addition, Jaakko’s childhood friend who understood the world of business, Oula Harjula, joined the team. The men’s mindsets matched perfectly, and the company that was to bring new innovations to the greenery sector was born almost by itself. That is how Green House Effect got started.

The team worked on developing the green wall around the clock to achieve the best green wall on the market. Hundreds, possibly thousands of work hours later, the green wall structure was finalized to perfection and a patent was applied for. At the same time, the green wall company had grown into Finland’s most innovative greenery service company. 

A big step was taken when Green House Effect acquired the business of its long-term partner Innogreen in 2014. The company was thereafter called InnoGreen, a name that honors both Innogreen’s years of experience as well as Green House Effect’s innovative approach.

In 2018 InnoGreen bought Turku based Vihermaailma, after which the company has employed about 40 professionals in the greenery field at its offices in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku. There can never be enough green in this world and the company continues its steady growth both in Finland and abroad. 

What else has happened on the way? Have a look below! 

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