Communications agency Norra Communications moved to a new office space in Tapiola, Espoo. The office was designed from scratch according to Norra Comms’ wishes and needs, with the aim of creating a harmonious space filled with vibrant greenery. InnoGreen provided tailored solutions for bringing green elements into the modern office, enhancing well-being in the workplace.

Communications agency Norra Communications expanded its team and relocated to larger premises in 2022. A lot of effort was put into the design and solutions for the office, and the green decor was no exception. Norra Communications wished for an abundance of greenery in their office with indoor plants. Fixed elements of the office space, such as pillars, were also incorporated into the implementation of the green decor.

The design process for the green decor started with the creation of a green decor plan. The plan was developed in collaboration with the client and InnoGreen’s designer, Liivika Korkalo. At the beginning of the design process, a mood board was used to gather ideas and hopes for the implementation. Creating a mood board helps the designer better understand the client’s thoughts and wishes, and it is a useful tool in the planning process.

Moss and large potted plants

Based on the mood board, the initial design was created, taking into account the client’s ideas, the designer’s expertise, the interior design solutions of the space, and the lighting conditions. The starting point was InnoGreen’s own Koivu pots and large plants used as space dividers. The plan was further refined together to ensure the final result was just right for Norra Communications. In addition to the green decor solutions, practical aspects were outlined - the plants are rented by Norra Comms, and a maintenance agreement ensures regular care and flourishing of the plants by InnoGreen’s professional crew.

“It was easy to find a common ground with InnoGreen regarding the desired look and feel for the green decor. Moreover, it’s really convenient that the plants are taken care of by professionals, and we can simply enjoy them,” says Nora Tåg, the CEO of Norra Communications.

In the final solution, various larger and smaller green plants found their place in the office. Multiple large plants were positioned in the center of the space to divide the space and create an abundantly green look, and additional larger plants were scattered throughout the office. Smaller plants were placed on shelves and tables. For the pots, InnoGreen’s Koivu pots and rugged stone pots were selected to add character.

The green decor successfully incorporated the fixed elements of the office, such as pillars in the meeting room and the middle of the office space. Stabilized moss was attached to the pillars, creating an impressive result. Moss also catches the eye right at the entrance - the company’s logo was built on the wall using stabilized moss, which is the first thing one sees upon entering. The moss logo was a priority based on the client’s wishes, and the idea to cover the pillars was born along the way.

“All the plants have delighted us, and it brings us great joy when we notice new leaves growing on some of them. Among our guests and visitors, the stabilized moss around the pillars has received particular admiration,” Nora exclaims.

Well-being through green plants

Green plants in the office serve not only as beautiful interior elements but also offer other benefits.

“We wanted to prioritize well-being in the office. It is well known that green plants in the work environment enhance well-being by bringing the experience of nature indoors,” Nora explains.

Indeed, plants have been scientifically proven to offer various physiological and psychological benefits. For example, the presence of greenery calms the mind, promotes relaxation, aids in stress recovery, and lowers blood pressure. Even just a view of nature alone helps restore focus and improve productivity. Investing in well-being is worthwhile; happy employees are more productive, creative, and proactive. This is beneficial in every workplace, but particularly in a communications agency where creativity is often required.

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