InnoGreen’s green stop brings greenery to city centres. The stop can be customized according to preferences, and it can be built anywhere. However, the greatest advantage of a green stop is how effortless it is - we offer the green stop as a service, taking care of its construction, maintenance, and winter storage. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Our green stop was born out of the desire to develop a green space that enhances biodiversity and provides every urban resident the opportunity to enjoy greenery. That’s why we created a versatile green stop that fits any space, both indoors and outdoors. The secret of the green stop lies in its modularity. The green stop consists of modules, or parts, that can be combined and tailored to achieve the desired result.

InnoGreen’s ingenious solution for urban greenery

The green stop brings comfort and shelter in large squares, as well as much-needed activity and greenery to smaller courtyards. It can also be placed as a striking element in spacious indoor areas, where the green stop can serve as a waiting area, for example. The green stop is a quick, park-like solution that does not require foundations or expensive remodelling. It is designed to be placed on an already constructed surface in an urban environment, such as concrete or pavement. That means it is also simple to move around if necessary.

The green stop can be customized according to individual preferences, with different modules, functionalities, and plants. Would you like benches to sit on during a summer day or a shared herb garden for residents? Natural plant choices attract butterflies and pollinators, and urban residents can watch the hustle and bustle of bees and other insects.. The green stop lets the light through and looks fresh and appealing even when there are plenty of plants.

Greenery as a service from InnoGreen

The green stop is also suitable for those who do not want to build permanent structures. We primarily offer the green stop as a service, so there is no need to own it. In practice this means that first we tailor the components according to the customer’s preferences and build the stop from start to finish. We maintain the green stop throughout the season and change seasonal plants according to your wishes. When winter comes, we take apart the green stop and take care of storing the green stop until the next summer season.

Green stop as a service makes yard maintenance simple – we take care of the green stop throughout the season and remove it for winter so that it doesn’t obstruct winter maintenance. It is an easy and impressive seasonal product that can enhance any outdoor space. You can rent the green stop for a single season, and it can be transformed into a new look from one season to another, allowing for new and surprising solutions.

Need more convincing? All components of our green stops are manufactured in Finland, using Finnish wood. By ordering a green stop, you are also supporting domestic production, and the service-based greenery provides an alternative to ownership. If you have any further questions, our sales team will be happy to assist you!

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Sales and Planning

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