A rainforest rising to the ceiling, moss climbing along surfaces, and colourful plants settled on a pillar. A green wall revolution is taking place – what could be more awesome? Once the dream of a green plant wall has formed, the search for the suitable green wall lies ahead. Where to start?

1. Green wall design always starts with the space and the people using it

Sometimes there is more space, sometimes a little less. Our modular green wall solution can be many things – big, small or even a pillar. Tell the green decor designer about the people using the space, the desired atmosphere, and the features of the space. In addition to water, real plants need light and maintenance. If the space is very dark, the green decor designer will  suggest plant lights suitable for both the plant wall and the space. In addition to the implementation, ask for an offer for maintenance – as you want your wall to stay green and fresh for a long time!

2. Green walls can be so many things – wild ideas allowed!

Both standard green walls as well as customizable solutions are available on the market. Before making a final decision on your green wall, dare to think outside the box. A modular green wall can be of any shape and express the company look and brand in many different ways. In addition to the shape, you can affect plant choices and, if you wish, order other elements, such as a logo, to be attached to the green wall. The green wall can also be a combination of plants and moss, and it can function, for example, as a movable space divider. Ask the green decor designer what kind of green wall would be as showy and functional as possible for your space.

3. A green wall is more than plants

Although plants come to mind first when considering a green wall as a decor element, what should also be taken into account at the purchasing stage, is what lies underneath the leaves. You should prioritize domesticity, durability, and safety in your choices. Remember to ask how to water the plants and how and where the structure is designed and made. A reliable partner tells you openly about materials chosen for the different parts of the green wall and will guide you on how to install and maintain the green wall safely. Our EU-patented modular green wall is designed and made in Finland.

4. To own or to rent?

It is not always a must to own a green wall, as they can also be rented! We implement green walls for temporary needs, but we also rent out the walls for longer periods. Our green wall structures are not disposable, nor are our plants. We take good care of the plants that have returned from our temporary sites until they find a new home.