The yard should fit the people using it. The planning starts with a yard visit, where we get to know the yard and its users, go through the wishes related to the yard, and make the necessary measurements. Sometimes the wishes and needs are not completely clear, which is why we help with planning and ideas for the future yard.

The different areas of the yard are designed according to the users. There can be areas reserved for relaxing, for activity, for spending time together or even for remote working. The different areas must be placed, separated from, and connected to each other in a practical way. Children should be able to play, but there must also be space for silence. The planning may start with a single wish, such as a canopy or a water element, from which we then start to plan the whole yard.

In addition to designing by area, we consider, among other things, materials, plant choices, passage guidance, yard care and maintenance, and lighting in yard design. We design your yard to be safe, year-round and comfortable, as well as easy to take care of and maintain. Careful yard planning is worthwhile in order to get the yard you wish for and for the end result to be lasting as well as to maintain its beauty.

We strive to build both big and small yards in accordance with nature so that the yards support the diversity of nature and utilize available natural resources such as urban runoff. We have named the yards that make the best use of rainwater rain gardens. In addition to rain gardens, our expertise includes designing and building natural yards, meadows, green roofs and outdoor green walls.

We also design yards in winter!

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