Rain garden - not a drop to waste

We feel that greenery is something everybody should be able to enjoy, both indoors and outdoors.That is why our modern greenery services offer solutions to a variety of economical and ecological challenges. Whether you have a large garden or a urban home, we have a greenery solution that meets your needs.

Gardens and yards are usually irrigated with tap water. The so called urban runoff, also known as excessive rain water, is directed to the sewers and remains unused. With advanced yard planning and building, we want to create more sustainable solutions to the use of rainwater. With practical space solutions and innovative building we can create yards that give even more joy to its users.

We call our ecological and most refined yard solution the rain garden. The rain garden is a lush garden, a system to channel rain water and an ecological act - all in one. And the best thing is that it is also a care free yard solution. The rain garden uses the urban runoff by storing and recycling it so there is very little need for traditional irrigation. This is turn reduces the use of potable tap water and time used for irrigation. The excessive rain water does not strain the sewer system since it is channeled to the plants and is absorbed. In addition the plants bind the impurities in the rain water, that would in normal cases end up in the sewer system and later to our seas and lakes.

A rain garden with several plant species will turn your yard into a beautiful and versatile space. The rain garden blooms all summer.

Why choose the rain garden?



It’s very low maintenance. The rain garden requires only little maintenance, such as cutting, fertilizing and weeding. It blooms all summer long.


It’s eco friendly. In many cases gardens are irrigated with large amounts of tap water but the rain garden can thrive with mainly rainwater. Load to the sewer system is reduced when the rainwater is channeled to the rain garden and its bioretention area. The plants of the rain garden also bind harmful substances that are in the rainwater.



You no longer have to wonder where to channel rainwater in your yard. The excessive rainwater, or urban runoff, can now be directed for the use of the plants. The rain garden will not flood during the summer since the structure of the rain garden redirects the urban runoff for the plants to use.


It is simply lovely. Affordable, beautiful and natural plants are the base of the rain garden. They make your yard meadowlike, filled with a variety of different plants.