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Example image of the green stop’s connectable arch and wood modules.

Green stop is suitable for spaces of all sizes

Thanks to its modular design, each green stop can be customized according to its use and users. The green stop is a fast, park-like solution that requires no foundation or expensive remodeling. It is designed to be placed in an urban environment on an already built surface, such as asphalt or paving. The green stop brings coziness and shelter to large plazas as well as much-needed activity and greenery to small apartment complex yards. Our experts will help you choose the right size and location for the green stop.

Once the modules, functionalities and plants for the green stop have been selected, we build the stop on site from start to finish. We help with the maintenance of the green stop, and we also change seasonal plants according to your wishes. When winter comes, we dismantle the green stop and take the elements to a dry winter storage to wait for the next season. All you need to do is enjoy the atmosphere of being close to nature.

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Abundant greenery and something for everyone

The structure of the green stop allows for plenty of greenery in the form of green walls, a green roof, and plantings. Natural plant choices also attract butterflies, bees and other insects to the green stop. The structure allows residents to plant their own herbs or harvest mushrooms in the fall. The green stop lets the light through and looks neat even when there are plenty of plants.

There is something for everyone at the green stop. At the green stop you can, for example, watch the hustle and bustle of bees and other insects, plant herbs, play chess, draw on a blackboard, do pull-ups or just relax. Let’s plan together which elements would make the green stop the perfect haven for you.

Communal feeling

The green stop is communal city living at its best. The green stop was tested for the first time at Malminkartano Square in Helsinki, Finland, in the summer of 2021. The people using Malminkartano Square really appreciated the green stop and took care of it with pride. The pilot project was a success, and the green stop has been proven to increase versatile use of the outdoor space. The green space invites residents to meet, enjoy and spend time together. There is room for everyone here. ROOH Studio is our green stop design partner.

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