The positive effects of green decor can even be seen in the company’s profit


Plants increase our work efficiency and our attentiveness, calm our minds, and make us relax and feel more comfortable. Plants provide us with nature’s own medicine to support our wellbeing now and in the long term.When we are healthy, we are more productive, more innovative and more spontaneous. A lot of things factor into wellbeing at work and satisfaction in the workplace. Many of them can be influenced by the company and the employer. The work environment plays a big role in satisfaction. Every one of us can change the environment by paying attention to tidiness, noise levels and the functionality of spaces, for example.A verdant office encourages employees to engage with their work. Surrounded by greenery, they dive into their work on a physical, cognitive and emotional level.Plants can increase productivity by up to 15%.*A comfortable work environment improves employees’ concentration and makes it easier to get through difficult tasks. Employees also feel generally healthier.A work environment that supports health decreases sick days, promotes recruitment, and retains good employees. Thriving employees build a thriving business. Therefore, investing in satisfaction should be seen as investing in the future of the company.When a company invests in satisfaction, there are notable positive changes in staff. These changes can be seen in the company’s profit. Employees feel responsible for the company and its mission. When wellbeing at work is included in the strategy, management also feels responsible for the wellbeing and job satisfaction of employees.Welfare and productivity work both ways. According to a research by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, wellbeing increases a company’s competitiveness. Realised competitiveness in turn reflects on the wellbeing of staff. Also, productivity also creates requirements to develop wellbeing. The best results in development projects are reached with minimal economic risks.Sources used on this blog post:* Source: Why plants in the office make us more productive. University of Exeter.